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Top NFL Teams: #6 New York Giants

Placing number 6 in FanWide’s Top 10 NFL Team rankings is the New York Giants. While the Giants have disappointed as of late, their future looks very bright. General manager David Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur are building a young and elite offense around superstar running back Saquon Barkley and two-time Super Bowl MVP winner Eli Manning. In addition, the Giants are in a great position to add more young stars to their roster through the NFL Draft. Due to the recent trade of Odell Beckham Jr, the G-Men now find themselves with two picks in the first round. The Giants are in prime position to draft their quarterback of the future in either Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins or to add defensive center pieces such as Quinnen Williams, Montez Sweat, or Rashan Gary.  The Giants roster will continue to improve before the start of the 2019 NFL regular season.

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The New York Giants also have the luxury of playing in one of the largest and most lucrative markets in the world. New York is known as a sports city home to many loyal and die-hard fans. While the Giants are forced to share the New York market with the Jets, the G-Men have always dominated the Jets in terms of fan popularity. For instance, only one county in all of New York and New Jersey have more Jets fan than Giants fans. The New York Giants have enjoyed their fair share of success recently and in the past. The Giants have won four super bowls including two that came in the past 12 years. Eli Manning and a ferocious defense headlined by defensive linemen Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck lead to the two recent super bowl victories in 2008 and 2012. Historically, the Giants are known for their strong defensive identity and for always being well-coached. Their first two super bowl victories came in 1987 and 1991. Giant legends such as defensive linemen Lawrence Taylor and quarterback Phil Simms carried the Giants towards their first two super bowl wins in franchise history. For the upcoming season, the Giants will look to re-establish a winning culture and fight for a playoff spot while continuing to develop their younger players.

Here is the list of teams that had already been announced:

10. Seattle Seahawks

9. Denver Broncos

8. Chicago Bears

7. San Francisco 49ers

The Giants have graded out as follows:

Category Count NFL Rank
FanWide Fan Clubs 43 21
Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions) 7.2 9
Forbes Value (in billion) 3.3 3
Nationally televised games (2018) 5 11
Playoff Wins (past 10 years) 4 10
Playoff Wins (all time) 24 7
Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years) 1 2
Super Bowl Wins (all time) 4 5
All-Stars (past 10 years) 21 10
Hall of Famers 31 3
Average Attendance (2018) 76,940 4
Average Attendance Percentage (2018) 93.3% 24


Number of Fan Clubs: 43 (21st)

The New York Giants rank 21st in number of Fan Clubs with a total of 43. The G-Men have one of the largest fan bases in the NFL which is why it’s a little surprising for this low ranking. This might be a result of having to fight with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets for fans. If you are interested in starting your own New York Giants fan club, let us know!

Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions): 7.2 (9th)

The Giants have 7.2 million followers across, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Specifically, on Instagram the G-Men have 1.8 million followers, on Facebook they have 3.6 million followers, and on Twitter they have 1.8 million followers. This places the Giants at number 9 out of all 32 NFL teams in terms of most social media followers. Being the more popular football team in New York comes with many benefits. This naturally includes more national attention and added media coverage. This inevitably leads to more fans who have moved across the country thus resulting in more social media followers. NFL teams use social media as a platform to build relationships with their fans while also increasing fan interest around world. Ranking in the top 10 in terms of total followers shows that the Giants have one of the largest and most loyal fan bases.

Forbes Value (in billion): 3.3 (3rd)

Forbes values the Giants at a whopping 3.3 billion which places the Giants 3rd overall. This incredibly high ranking is contributed to the large market the Giants play in and the added value of MetLife Stadium. MetLife stadium is owned by the MetLife Stadium Company which is a private company controlled by both the Jets and Giants. Even though the Giants have to split revenue from the stadium with the Jets, they are still able to bring in a lot of capital from stadium events thus improving their Forbes value. Look for the Giants value to continue to increase as they add more talent to their roster and improve their record in the following season.

The value of each NFL team is based off of multiple factors such as stadium value, revenue and operating income from the 2017 season and revenue from non-NFL events such as concerts if the team also operates the stadium.

Nationally televised games (2018): 5 (11th)

The Giants played in 5 nationally televised games placing them 11th among NFL teams. It is a little surprising to see the Giants rank outside the top 10 with such a large fan base. This could be the result of having a 3-13 record the year before the 2018 season. Nationally televised games allow teams to increase their fan population across the nation.

Playoff Wins (past 10 years): 4 (10th)

The New York Giants haven’t won a playoff game since the 2011 NFL season when they won the Super Bowl. Fortunately for the Giants, they were able to win all four playoff games during the 2011 postseason including a wild card victory against the Falcons. This places the Giants at 4 total playoff wins in the past 10 years giving them a ranking of 10th among all NFL teams. Playoff victories are an indicator of how successful the team has been. While the Giants haven’t won a playoff as of late, the 2011 season shows the grittiness and determination instilled into the New York Giants culture. While Eli Manning is still lacing up his cleats, the Giants will always have the potential to be dominant in the postseason.

Playoff Wins (all time):  24 (7th)

The New York Giants have won a respectable 24 playoff games in their franchise history. This gives them a ranking of 7th compared to the other 32 NFL teams. The total playoff victories an NFL team has shows the historic success of its franchise.

Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years):  1 (2nd)

The New York Giants’ only Super Bowl win came during the 2011-2012 season. This places the Giants tied for 2nd among all NFL teams. Super Bowl victories are what every player and coaches dream of winning. In order to even contend for a Super Bowl it takes so much more than just talent on both sides of the ball. A team must have a hard-working mindset, a high level of team chemistry, and experienced leaders willing to help the younger guys when facing adversity.. In 2012, the New York Giants were able to upset the New England Patriots (for the second time in 4 years) because of their offensive and defensive leaders and playmakers. This Super Bowl victory helped re-establish a winning culture for New York football.

Super Bowl Wins (all time): 4 (5th)

The New York Giants have won a very impressive 4 Super Bowls which gives them a ranking of 5th. Super Bowl victories result in nationwide attention and media, thus allowing teams to increase their fan population across the country. The four Super Bowl victories the Giants have won established the Giants as a successful organization while also increasing the team’s fan interest.

All-Stars (past 10 years): 21 (10th)

The New York Giants have had some of the most prominent and successful players over the past 10 years. Recently, star offensive players such as wide receiver Odell Beckham jr and running back Saquon Barkley have made Pro Bowl appearances. In addition, on the defensive side of the ball defensive linemen Justin Tuck, Olivier Vernon, and Jason Pierre Paul have all had their fair share of Pro Bowl and All-Pro accolades.

Hall of Famers: 31 (3rd)

Hall of Famers will forever be remember and recognized for their terrific play during their NFL career. They have cemented their legacy on the team they played for and across the entire National Football League. The New York Giants have had a whopping 31 players inducted into the hall of fame in their franchise history ranking them 3rd among all NFL teams. This high ranking not only shows the amount of players who have dominated their respective positions for the Giants but also shows the success the Giants have achieved over the past 60 or so years. NFL legends such as Lawrence Taylor and Carl Banks completely destroyed offensive linemen in the 1970s and 1980s. They both changed the way the game is played and in the process showed the value of not only having a dominant defensive line but the importance of having a consistent and capable offensive line. Their dominant careers paved the way to many playoff victories for the Giants and of course two Super Bowl wins.

Average attendance: 76,940 (4th)

The New York Giants rank 4th in the NFL with an average attendance of 76,940. This high ranking can be contributed to the fact that New York is one of the largest markets in the world. In addition, MetLife stadium is in the top half of NFL teams in terms of size of stadium. This allows the Giants to have more fans at their games.

Average attendance percentage (2018): 93.3% (24th)

The Giants attendance percentage is 93.3% which places them 24th overall. While this is the Giants lowest ranking, 93.3% is a solid percentage when considering how large the Giants stadium is. It is essential to include both average attendance and average attendance percentage in FanWide’s data because the percentage of stadium filled allows teams with smaller stadiums to show how loyal their fan base is.

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