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Top European Soccer Teams: #2 Bayern Munich

With 28 domestic titles, Bayern Munich is the most decorated football club in Germany. While there are contenders every year, there is no match for Bayern Munich in their home country. They compete in the Bundesliga, Germany’s first division league, and in this league, they have won 4 times as many titles as the second most decorated club, 1. FC Nürnberg. Both of these clubs are located in Bavaria, the largest state in Germany. Currently, the team that most challenges Bayern Munich is Borussia Dortmund which is located in a different German state- North Rhine-Westphalia. The geographic and cultural differences between the homes of the current top Bundesliga competitors heightens an already natural rivalry. Each Bundesliga title is more than a trophy- teams compete for the pride of their hometown, and currently, citizens of Bavaria have the right to feel pretty proud. While their success on the international stage does not quite match their success within Germany (nobody’s does), they are not far off. Bayern Munich is consistently one of the most feared football clubs in the world, having won the Champions League 5 times. The club ranks within the top 5 across each and every one of FanWide’s ranking metrics. From fan attendance to team value to star power and beyond-it is hard to find a weakness in Bayern Munich’s resumé. Bayern Munich is the runner up in FanWide’s European soccer team rankings, coming in at #2.

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The European soccer scene is unique in that it consists of 5 different comparable leagues. Unlike sports like football and basketball in the USA, which have teams that have competed against each other for years, some European soccer teams might face each other once every five to ten years. Naturally, ranking these teams is a challenge. FanWide’s goal in ranking the top ten European soccer teams was to use metrics that acknowledge the fact that not all teams get a chance to play each other. By using metrics like FanWide’s fan data, the focus in our rankings was split between on and off-field success. As a result, our top ten ranking consists of the most prominent, internationally significant European soccer clubs, accounting for but not solely relying on titles and wins. In the coming weeks, FanWide will be rolling out the top ten, building up to the reveal of the #1 soccer club in Europe. Check out this blog, for a breakdown of the metrics.

European Soccer Top 10:

10. Borussia Dortmund

9. Manchester City 

8. Juventus FC

7. Chelsea FC

6. Arsenal

5. Liverpool

4. Manchester United

3. Barcelona

2. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Ranked:

Category Count Rank
Fan Clubs (FanWide) 51 4
Champions League Wins (all time) 5 3 (tie)
UEFA Player of the Year Top Ten Finalists (since 2014) 7 4
Attendance (Average 2018) 75,000 2
Forbes Value (in billions) 3.06 4
Total Social Media Followers (in millions) 69.12 5
Domestic League Titles (all time) 28 3
Domestic League Titles (since 2009) 7 1 (tie)

Fan Clubs (according to FanWide): 51 (4th)

Bayern Munich currently has 51 listed fan clubs in FanWide’s fan club network. This figure ranks 4th among European soccer clubs ranked. Bayern Munich’s fan base extends far beyond Germany, and fans abroad have clearly started to spread the word. If you are a Bayern Munich fan who wants to set up a local fan club in your city, let us know!

All-Time Champions League Wins: 5 (3rd-tie)

Bayern Munich has won the 3rd most Champions League titles in the world, having hoisted the trophy 5 times. Bayern Munich’s most recent title came in the 2012-13 season when they defeated their domestic rivals, Borussia Dortmund. Along with Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich has helped to elevate the status of German football. Their continued international success has made them one of the most prestigious clubs in the world and has made Germany a destination for rising stars in the soccer world.

UEFA Player of the Year Top Ten Finalists (since 2014): 7 (4th)

Bayern Munich players have debuted as one of 10 UEFA Player of the Year finalists 7 times since 2014. Of these 7 appearances, 5 have been by German-born players. Because of their dominance in the Bundesliga and beyond, Bayern Munich has been able to consistently acquire the best German talent. Bayern Munich has seen so much success because they have been able to put to use the abundance of talent from their home. Players like Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller have been game-changers for both the German national team (especially in their 2014 world cup title-run) and as captains of Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich has established themselves as the premier German football club and the consistent presence of top-end talent on their roster proves it.

Attendance (Average 2018): 75,000 (2nd)

Bayern Munich sees 75,000 average home match attendees, a figure that is second only to Borussia Dortmund. In general, teams in the Bundesliga tend to see higher attendance than the rest of the field. Bayern Munich is no exception. They fill Allianz Arena to capacity in almost every home match. Allianz Arena is nothing short of an attraction. The entire stadium has a “luminous exterior”- it can be lit for each game. The stadium is so bright that hikers in the Austrian mountains can easily see the stadium from 50 miles away. The high tech stadium has consistently attracted Bayern Munich faithful and helped the club maintain the second highest attendance in the world.

Team Value: 3.06 B (4th)

According to Forbes, Bayern Munich is worth 3.06 billion USD, making them the fourth most valuable soccer club in the world. Using Forbes’ data, Munich is the most valuable club in Germany by almost $2 billion. They are the most financially established soccer club in Germany. This valuation considers match day revenue, broadcasting deals, merchandise sales, and outstanding debts.

Aggregate Social Media Followers: 70.5 million (5th)

FanWide accounted for Bayern Munich’s 15 million Instagram followers, 4.5 million Twitter followers, and 50 million Facebook likes in this ranking (as of February 2019). Additionally, Bayern Munich has an additional 1 million followers on a Twitter page that they use to tweet to their English speaking fans. Bayern Munich has the fifth most aggregate social media followers among soccer clubs in the world. Their aggregate social media following is a testament to their prestige- something that has been earned through years of success.

Domestic League Titles (Averaging All Time + Recent Win Rankings)

Bayern Munich has won 7 German football titles in the past ten years and 28 in their history. In this metric, the numbers speak for themselves. Bayern Munich has been a dominant force in the Bundesliga for years. Still, the league remains competitive. Other teams consistently challenge Bayern Munich for the crown (even if they are not always successful). For example, this year, Borussia Dortmund has kept pace with Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga race, leading them for a large portion of the season (they are tied at the top as of the date of this post). As Bayern Munich continues to find success at home, they will continue to gain recognition as Germany’s team and a premier football club in the world.

Bayern Munich currently sits at #2 in FanWide’s European soccer club rankings. No matter where you live or travel, you can find Bayern Munich fan clubs and watch parties near you through FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network.

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