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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Charlotte Hornets

Playing in Charlotte represents a lot. The Charlotte Hornets play for the Carolinas (North Carolina and South Carolina), but also for the greatest basketball figure of all time: Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan, a six time NBA champion and a 5 time NBA MVP, is the owner and chairman of the Hornets. The Hornets (previously the New Orleans Pelicans) play for “Buzz City”. All Hornets fans exert the strength and passion inherent in the “Buzz City” motto. To stay connected to the Hornets organization, there are several fan clubs and fan club pages on social media. The most notable unofficial Charlotte Hornets fan club with the most followers on Instagram is @charlottehornetsonly.


The Charlotte Hornets have several resources that allow their fans to stay involved. Any thing from news, content, and players’ personal information is all included on the Charlotte Hornets official team website. The Hornets facilitate many different groups as well. Some include the  Jr. Hornets and swarm to serve , a foundation ran through the Charlotte Hornets that donates towards educational causes to make an impact in the greater Charlotte community. 



Shown below is a picture of members from the Air Force receiving goods from the Charlotte Hornets that include medicine and toiletries. Photo courtesy of Air Force Medical Service

To stay connected as a Hornets fan in a remote city, you can follow all official Hornets social media accounts., You can also  start a Charlotte Hornets watch party or find a Hornets fan club near you through FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. The Hornets have 1 million followers on Instagram, 941 thousand twitter followers, and over one million Facebook likes.