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FanWide’s NBA Playoffs Round 2 Guide for the Casual Fan (Part 1)

The 2017 NBA Playoffs are in full swing and it’s not too late to get in on the action.

Here are some good and bad points for each team remaining in round 2:

Boston Celtics

Good: The team has been built with patience and intelligence and that’s commendable. Isaiah Thomas exudes confidence in his play style, as though he always knows where the ball is going. Also, prior to the Celtics’ game 2 win, Stevens put the lineup of Isaiah Thomas, Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and Al Horford on the court, making for what was very dominant game play.

Bad: Every Boston sports team has the reputation of being, well, a Boston sports team. They are polarizing and coming off the Patriots’ Superbowl win, the city has fired up sports fans from across the nation.

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Golden State Warriors

Good: The Golden State Warriors are the representation of everything that basketball has become. That is also good and bad. They are dominant and also fun to watch. The coach is socially conscious and has likability. Kevin Durant is also easily one of top 10 players to have never won a championship.

Bad: This could potentially be a neutral point, but they are the highly Favorited team to win this year. The Warriors also have the unfortunate reputation of being the team with the “most bandwagon fans” of any sport.

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Utah Jazz

Good: Led by Gordon Hayward, the team is exciting and young. They have a dedicated and loyal fan base. The Jazz have also managed to eliminate the LA Clippers from playoff contention, ending what could be argued to be the most unlikable area in recent Clippers seasons. Also, they are the only team remaining in the Western Conference that has yet to ever win a title.

Bad: Joe Johnson is good, but how much fun is it to watch a team where one player is taking all of the last shots? They also will likely be crushed by the Golden State Warriors.

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Houston Rockets

Good: Seemingly out of the blue, the Houston Rockets managed to find a groove to make it to the playoffs. The rain of 3-point shots make the team very fun and exciting team to watch.

Bad: With a team centered around its star James Harden, they live and die by his production. On a good day for Harden, the Rockets are a legitimate threat to take the West. On a bad day, they may have a tough time making it out of round two.

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Stay tuned for Part 2!

Who do you think will win each of their series? Do you think the Cavaliers and Warriors will face each other once again in the playoffs? Leave a comment below!

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