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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns may play for the city of Phoenix, but they also represent the entire desert area of southwestern USA. Although the Suns have struggled in the recent past, a young core has been established that are set to rejuvenate the city of Phoenix. Revolving around Devin Booker, the Suns have begun to form a core group of players around their star player. The 2018 first overall pick, Deandre Ayton, is progressing nicely, along with Kelly Oubre Jr. and Mikal Bridges. They have not made the playoffs since 2010, but there is no reason not to believe that this is the year that things will change. Deandre Ayton, the 2018 first overall pick, is progressing nicely, along with Kelly Oubre Jr and Mikal Bridges. This young core also has veteran point guard Ricky Rubio who will be integral as a veteran in the locker room. Like in Philadelphia, Phoenix has been “trusting the process” the past couple of seasons in order to create a core foundation of young stars that is able to make a playoff push.


The Phoenix Suns do many note-worthy things for the community. One program the Suns include is the brightest ballers program. In this program last season, rookie Mikal Bridges selected one student athlete (grades K-8) to be honored pre-game as the Bridges’ Brightest Baller of the month. To be considered for baller of the month, you must be a student that focuses on leadership, academics, and their community. 


The Phoenix Suns are pretty well covered over social media, considering they have 1.1 million Instagram followers , 1 million followers on twitter, and 1.8 million likes on Facebook. Other than the official Phoenix Suns website and social media outlets, there are other Suns fan sites that want you! One site is Valley of the Suns, which is the home of Suns rumors, news, and analysis. Another site is Bright side of the Sun, SB Nation’s site for news and rumors. FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network, have 1 fan club for the Phoenix Suns, but there are many more fans and watch parties.


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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Orlando Magic


Since the inception of the Orlando Magic, there has always been a buzz around Magic basketball. Magic fans are known for their loyalty and hope. Ever since the dominance of Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal in the late 1990’s to the dominance of Dwight Howard in the late 2000’s, Magic fans have always had reasons to be excited. Although there was a long period of less than stellar performances, Nicola Vucevic and the 2018 Magic seem to have ended the lacklustre era as they reached the playoffs in the 2018-19 season. One reason why Magic fans love their team because it is the only professional sports team in the big 4 (NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB) that play in Orlando. 


To connect with Orlando Magic fan club networks, the Magic offer many chances for you to be involved! These opportunities include summer internships that “offer internship opportunities in many areas of the organization. Our program is a full-time, post-grad, season-long internship that will allow passionate, hard-working individuals to obtain real world, hands-on experience in the sports and entertainment industry.”


To connect with many social media outlets, the Magic maintain an active social media presence. Team accounts across the three major platforms are excellent sources of news, highlights, and other Magic  content for fans worldwide. Currently, the team has 939 K Instagram followers, 1.4 million Twitter followers, and 2,748,100  likes on Facebook. Other than the official Magic website and social media outlets, there are many unofficial fan club websites. One site is the Orlando pinstriped post, which is an SBNation. FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network, has 29 fan clubs for the Orlando Magic.


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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Washington Wizards

Due to their location in the nation’s capital, the Washington Wizards gather a lot of fan interest. In DC, there are a lot of Washington Wizards fans. The Wizards draw many fans to watch their games due to the phenomenal history of the Washington Bullets, especially in the 1970’s. Within that decade, the Bullets won 4 conference championships, as well as one NBA championship in the 1978 season. If you want to feel like you are in DC a part of every Washington Wizards game, there are several ways to stay connected. There are many fan clubs that include day to day news and rumors about the Wizards’ most recent transactions and reports, many of which are on Instagram. The most prominent fan page accounts are wizardsnations and wizardswave.


Other than these Wizards fan clubs, the official Washington Wizards website has many resources that enable fans to stay engaged. Any thing from news, content, and players’ personal information is all included on the Washington Wizards official team website. The Wizards offer many different groups as well. Some include the  Jr. Wizards summer camp, where kids can improve their basketball skills and Club W, a female empowerment club with events and opportunities including giveaways and tickets. The Washington Wizards website is a great way to stay connected and engaged!

To stay connected as a Washington Wizards fan in a remote city, you canfollow all official Wizards social media accounts and start a Washington Wizards watch party through FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. The Wizards have 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 986 k Twitter followers, and over 1.5 million Facebook likes. Even though star-player John Wall is unlikely able to play in the 2019 season, All DC needs is hope! Bradley Beal and the Wizards need their fans to lift them up and help towards a playoff push this season.

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Dallas Mavericks

Since the Dallas Mavericks were founded in 1980, they have put a strong emphasis on fan engagement. Considering Dallas is the 5th largest media market in the United States (according to Nielsen), the Mavericks have successfully maintained a solid social media following in the three major platforms. The @Mavs have about 1.59 million Twitter followers, which ranks well above the average among NBA teams. The Dallas Mavericks Instagram page, with 1.2 million followers, is a highly engaging resource for Mavs fans everywhere. The @Mavericks Facebook page, with almost 4.375 million likes, ranks 12th in the league. The sum total of followers across the three social media outlets of the Mavericks totals approximately 7.165 million. All three of these accounts provide interactive fan-based content, scores, team updates, and more which allow #Mavs fans to connect with their team regardless of where they live.

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Top NBA Fan Clubs: Charlotte Hornets

Playing in Charlotte represents a lot. The Charlotte Hornets play for the Carolinas (North Carolina and South Carolina), but also for the greatest basketball figure of all time: Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan, a six time NBA champion and a 5 time NBA MVP, is the owner and chairman of the Hornets. The Hornets (previously the New Orleans Pelicans) play for “Buzz City”. All Hornets fans exert the strength and passion inherent in the “Buzz City” motto. To stay connected to the Hornets organization, there are several fan clubs and fan club pages on social media. The most notable unofficial Charlotte Hornets fan club with the most followers on Instagram is @charlottehornetsonly.


The Charlotte Hornets have several resources that allow their fans to stay involved. Any thing from news, content, and players’ personal information is all included on the Charlotte Hornets official team website. The Hornets facilitate many different groups as well. Some include the  Jr. Hornets and swarm to serve , a foundation ran through the Charlotte Hornets that donates towards educational causes to make an impact in the greater Charlotte community. 



Shown below is a picture of members from the Air Force receiving goods from the Charlotte Hornets that include medicine and toiletries. Photo courtesy of Air Force Medical Service

To stay connected as a Hornets fan in a remote city, you can follow all official Hornets social media accounts., You can also  start a Charlotte Hornets watch party or find a Hornets fan club near you through FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. The Hornets have 1 million followers on Instagram, 941 thousand twitter followers, and over one million Facebook likes.

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Top 10 College Basketball Teams: #6 Syracuse Orange

Over the years, Syracuse has built one of the most consistently successful college basketball programs in the nation. The Jim Boeheim era has been particularly fruitful. Ten years after the former Orange guard graduated from Syracuse, he was named the head coach of their basketball program. That day in 1976 was a turning point for the program. 946 wins later, Syracuse is an established college basketball powerhouse. Their success on the court has translated to popularity off of it. Because of their prestige, they are often able to land top high school recruits and consistently produce NBA talent. From their consistent victories on the court to their record-breaking arena, Syracuse basketball is a blue-blood program. The team’s impressive resumé has earned them the #6 spot in FanWide’s Top 10 College Basketball Team Rankings!

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Top 10 College Basketball Teams: #7 Villanova

FanWide’s #7 NCAA Basketball team is the Villanova Wildcats. Villanova has won two of the last four National Championships. Coach Jay Wright has elevated Nova Basketball to a new level. Their consistent regular season success has made them increasingly interesting to watch for current fans, and their postseason glory has brought in a wave of new ones. Villanova’s tournament play has become must-see TV. Legendary moments like Kris Jenkins’ National Championship winning buzzer beater in 2016 and Donte DiVincenzo’s 2018 National Championship 31 point eruption have contributed to a new generation of Villanova fans. Their exciting play and consistent success has made them one of the most prominent programs in the nation and landed them a spot in FanWide’s Top 10.

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Top 10 College Basketball Teams: #8 Michigan Wolverines

Coming in at #8 on FanWide’s Top 10 College Basketball Teams: the Michigan Wolverines. From the legendary “Fab Five” in the early ‘90s to the modern Michigan team, Wolverines basketball has always been about team cohesion and success. The strength of the team, however, cannot exist without the strength of the fans, who are unwavering in their support of the Wolverines. To repay their support, Michigan has grown into a yearly juggernaut, made evident by numerous Big Ten and NCAA Tournament wins. Strong finishes across all categories earned the Wolverines the #8 spot among FanWide’s Top 10 College Basketball Teams.

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Teams were evaluated in 8 different categories (visit this blog post to see the methodology):

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Top 10 College Basketball Teams: #9 Arizona Wildcats

Coming in at number 9 in FanWide’s Top 10 College Basketball Rankings is the Arizona Wildcats. While the Wildcats have not won a national championship since 1997, they have had a lot recent success. Ever since Arizona hired Sean Miller as the head coach in 2009, the Wildcats have seen an uptick in tournament appearances and regular season wins. Not only has Miller been able to drastically improve Arizona’s winning percentage, he has also had a lot of success recruiting the top high school basketball players. Former top recruits and current NBA stars such as Deandre Ayton, Stanley Johnson, Lauri Markkanen, and Aaron Gordon have helped stabilize and improve an Arizona Basketball program on the rise. With a top-3 overall recruiting class (which includes top point guard Nico Mannion) for 2019, the Arizona Wildcats future looks very bright. Because of Arizona’s recent success and their massive fanbase, the Wildcats place 9th in FanWide’s Top 10 College Basketball Team Rankings.

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Top NFL Teams: #3 New England Patriots

At #3 in FanWide’s Top NFL teams ranking is the New England Patriots. The Patriots have been the epitome of success for the better-part of the 21st century. Recently, the Patriots, otherwise known as the Pats, have had an incredibly high success rate. In this decade the patriots have a regular-season winning percentage of 74%. What New England has done is unlike anything else in sports. The New England Patriots were the laughing stock in the NFL in the 1980s, but quite a lot has changed. The Pats have created a dynasty like no other in which a playoff win seems to be guaranteed every year along with a Super Bowl appearance. The reason for the Patriots’ recent success is because of the brilliance of head coach Bill Belichick, the magnificence of future-hall-of-famer Tom Brady, and caring owner in Robert Kraft. Many may hate the Patriots for their cheating allegations, but no person can take away the dominance and greatness from the Patriots in the 21st century. Tom Brady is still going strong at 41 years old, along with the Patriots’ chances of winning.

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