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Cincinnati Reds MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for CIN

The MLB would be in a much different place if it were not for the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds are the first team to ever be established by professional baseball. The Reds were established as the Cincinnati Red Stockings and played their first game in 1869 against the Great Westerns of Cincinnati. The Red Stockings did not lose their first game until the 131st game played on June 14, 1870. In 1876, Cincinnati was adopted into the National League. In 1880,  The Reds were expelled from the National League for 10 years for selling beer at games. So for 10 years, the Reds were a part of the American League. 150 years later, Cincinnati is still a baseball town and the Cincinnati fans are loyal to their Reds like its family. Today, the Reds are striving to rejuvenate the winning culture in Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, everyone bleeds red and black. 

In 2010, Cincinnati Reds fans had the opportunity to receive autographs and take pictures with Cincinnati Reds players and legends.

Even though the Reds are coming off a less than stellar season, they are much closer to success than people realize. Coming off of a 75-87 season, the Reds are serious playoff contenders this year. Nick Krall, the general manager for the Reds said: The goal is to win. It’s always to win, no matter what the circumstances. The goal is to go out, win and compete for the highest honor you can possibly compete.” He later said: “I felt our season was a lot better than what it ended up”. The National League Central Division is up for grabs, and Reds executives are confident that the Reds will go back to the playoffs this upcoming season.

Reds fans are one of the best in the MLB. Reds fans exert the fanhood through loyalty and staying connected to the Reds community. On FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network worldwide, the Reds have 11,069 fans.