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Sports Bars Are Popular Travel Destinations

The popular ride-sharing company, Uber, recently released a list of each state’s most popular ride destination. These locations include places such as bars or restaurants, shopping centers, casinos, and sports venues.

Out of all 50 states, 18 of the most popular destinations were either sports arenas, parks, fields, and bars. Sports venues were more popular on the eastern side of the US, although, Chase Field in Arizona, AT&T Park in California, and Coors Field in Colorado were also visited by Uber patrons.

A common theme between destinations was the entertainment aspect of the venues. For example, casinos and shopping centers were popular locations. Restaurants, both sports-minded and not, were common on the list as well.

Uber’s list demonstrates the popularity of sports in the US, and how fans want to support their favorite team, even if they cannot make it to the games at the stadium itself. Whether you are traveling for work or vacation, are a new resident in one of the 50 states or DC, or simply want to explore your local sports bars, you can use FanWide to help you find the closest viewing party or fan club to watch your favorite team.