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Top Football Fan Clubs: Niner Empire

Niner Empire chapters are prominent nationwide. Photo courtesy of

In the search for the top football fan club, FanWide has interviewed the leaders of several prominent football fan clubs across the league and across the nation. One such leader is Joe Leonor, a lifelong Niners fan and leader of prominent Niners’ fan club Niner Empire.

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FanWide asked him the following questions:

1. What makes your fan club one of the top clubs in the nation?

I would like to introduce you to NINER EMPIRE ( I am the founder of Niner Empire and currently have over 130 chapters around the world. You can see that on the website. You can also check out the videos sections of several different charity / events, fundraisers from around the world. I myself have been a 49er season ticket holder for over 20 years and have only missed 2 home games. For away games the chapter is most likely to host a takeover / tailgate as well. I honestly feel nothing in this world brings people together like sports. therefore we live by the football brought us together Niner Empire made us family. We host tailgates for every home game as well ranging from 60-500 people. Currently I am ready to retire from 25 years of law enforcement and as a hobby I along with my wife also have a 49er store located in Burlingame, CA (1539 Old Bayshore Hwy, Burlingame, CA 94010).

The store is an excellent source of 49ers and Niner Empire merchandise. Photo courtesy of

2. What is your name?:

Joe Leonor

3. What city are you from?:

San Francisco

4. Which fan club do you support?:


5. Where does your fan club meet (name, location)?:

The club has numerous locations/chapters nationwide

Specific chapter information can be found on the club website. Photo courtesy of

6. Do you have any connections to the team?:

I am showcased in the 49er museum, have been showcased with my son on the 49er schedule magnet and billboard, also received the 49er faithful football on the field for ceremony. We currently using alumni to attend takeovers and events to sign autographs.

Niner Empire has even been featured in team promotional material.

7. What is your favorite memory?:

Every home game and away game is set up in the memory bank because we are able to give to folks!

8. Beside watching the games, what other activities does the club participate in?:

Our chapters are involved in charities around the globe.


Though the 49ers missed the playoffs this season, they hope to rebound next year a talented draft class and a strong group of free agent signings, along with the healthy return of key players. As one of the biggest and most influential clubs in the nation, the Niner Empire and its chapters nationwide hope to join the team in its return to glory. We are still accepting entries to be named the Top Football Fan Club – to learn more or enter visit