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Arizona Cardinals (Cards) NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for ARI

Unfortunately for Arizona Cardinals fans, 2019 will not be the first year they get to see their team raise up the lombardi trophy. The Arizona Cardinals are coming off a disappointing 2018 season. After losing many close games, the Cardinals closed the season with a disappointing 3-13 record. Fortunately for the Arizona Cardinals fanbase, the team is starting to point in the right direction. They have a future franchise quarterback in Josh “the chosen one” Rosen, an established star running back in David Johnson, and legendary wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

In addition, the Cardinals just hired Kliff Kingsbury who is known around the league as an offensive mastermind. Kliff Kingsbury had great success coaching college football and is known for his superb job of developing the 2019 MVP Pat Mahomes. Many believe that Kingsbury will be able to develop Josh Rosen similarly to how he developed Mahomes at Texas Tech. With the recent success of Sean McVay, young offensive masterminds such as Kingsbury are in high demand. In an NFL era where elite offenses are all the rage, Kliff Kingsbury is the perfect hire for a young NFL team on the rise.

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The Cardinals will also have the top selection in the upcoming NFL Draft. There are many colleges stars ready to make a name for themselves in the NFL. The Cardinals will likely choose between Nick Bosa (defensive end from Ohio State) or Quinnen Williams (defensive tackle from Alabama). All four of these players have All-Pro potential and will help the achieve more success in the upcoming year.

With a great start to the 2019 NFL offseason, it is very possible the Cardinals will be able to rebound from a forgettable 2018 season and find success next year. It has been 52 years since the first super bowl in 1967. Cardinals fans have been patiently waiting for their team to become world champions. With Josh Rosen, David Johnson, Kliff Kingsbury, and a top NFL draft pick, it is very possible that the foundational pieces are already in place for the Cardinals first ever super bowl winning team.

The Arizona Cardinals are trying to become closer with their fanbase. As a result, the Arizona Cardinals created a kids club on their official website. Young fans between the ages of 5 and 13 are able to sign up to win free prizes and merchandise. Rewards vary anywhere from free t-shirts and wristbands to an opportunity to meet some of the players and “hang out” with them after training camp practices. This kids club gives young fans the opportunity to become closer with the team they root for.

The Cardinals official website also includes many different raffles and contests. One of many of the Cardinals promotions is the “Jack In The Box Jumbo Jack” advertisement. This advertisement gives Cardinals fans a little extra incentive while rooting for their team on defense. For every sack a Cardinals defender has on the opposing team’s quarterback, all Cardinal fans receive a free Jumbo Jack with the purchase of a large drink. These promotions along with many raffles and contests allows the Cardinals to maintain a close relationship with their fanbase.

Even for Cardinals fans who live outside of Arizona, there are many opportunities for them to follow their favorite football team. Social media allows Cardinals fans to get constant updates during the NFL season and the off-season. The Arizona Cardinals official Instagram page has over 630,000 followers and around 1.5 million likes on Facebook.  The Cardinals official Twitter has 42,200 tweets and 915,000 followers. In addition, star running back David Johnson has 233,000 followers while franchise quarterback Josh Rosen has 110,000 followers. The Cardinals’ fanbase is very loyal to their team and are constantly following the team and their players through different social media outlets.

There are many online fan communities that unite all Cardinals fans under the same online platform. Many Cardinal fans are familiar with the website, provides fans all across the world with different blogs and tweets about the Arizona Cardinals. In addition, this website allows Cardinals fans to come together in order to watch the biggest games every Sunday. The “BIRDGANG” is made up of a loyal group of fans who attend every home and around 60% of all Cardinals away games. allows Cardinals to see what the experts are saying about their favorite football team and also a way for fans to meet up with other fans before important games.

FanWide allows Cardinal fans who don’t live in Arizona the opportunity to experience the games as if they were at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Fans use FanWide in order to find local watch parties in which they can support their team along with other members of “The Red Sea”. FanWide has over 151,000 Arizona Cardinal fans across 76 total fan clubs. The fan club network is a unique way to be able to watch all the big games with a group of Cardinals fans without actually having to travel to the stadium.

Fanwide has started a national competition in order to find out what NFL team has the best fan club. If you believe that “The Red Sea” is the number 1 football fan club in the country visit and vote for the Cardinals. Along with showing support for the Arizona Cardinals fanbase, voting can also result in numerous different prizes including meeting some of the best athletes in the world. #TopFootballFanclub

Arizona Cardinals fans have a lot to be excited about. Their team is just scratching the surface of what they are capable of. With a bright young head coach in Kliff Kingsbury and a couple of young superstars on the horizon in David Johnson and Josh Rosen, the future looks really bright for the Cardinals. The Cardinals will continue to gain more fans across the Nation and continue to build towards success during the 2019 NFL offseason.