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Los Angeles Kings NHL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for LA

The Los Angeles Kings have created a large fanbase for themselves due to the ways they stay connected with their fans. The team utilizes their social media accounts on sites such as Instagram (617K followers), Twitter (1.2M followers), or Facebook (919K followers). On these sites they commonly post team updates, post game interviews, stats, and anything else a fan might need. These are perfect places for fans to stay updated on their team. 

The Kings also use their team website to connect with their fans and keep them updated. This website contains content very similar to their social media posts, however it also has many other features. For example, it displays all players’ individual player stats for every game. This can be very helpful for fans trying to keep up with the entire time on a daily basis. For fans who would like to interact with one another, there is another option; fan run websites where there are open debate forums. One example of a website like this would be Rink Royalty, a Fansided chapter of the Kings. This website contains everything a fan might need, similar to the team’s social medias or their own website. It also has a “rumors” tab where fans can write their own hypotheses and publish them for others to read. Other fans have the option to give their own input on what was written and debate amongst one another their thoughts and opinions. Another example is the LA Kings Insider website. This website also has very similar features to Rink Royalty, as it has fan written articles about the team. Both of these websites allow for LA Kings fans to stay updated and engaged on their team. 

Going back to the Kings team website, there are many activities that the team engages in to branch out in their community. This can be seen on the Kings Care tab of the website. Here, fans can learn about the specific actions being taken by the team to ensure a better community. For example, as part of the “future goals” campaign, Kings players and staff have been trying to bring stem (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields to students through connecting it with hockey. This shows potential fans the positive ways the team branches out in their community, which attracts many people. 

Of course, being located in the densely populated Los Angeles area also attracts many fans. Fans who live in this area and want to find a hockey team to support, it is very easy to begin supporting the Kings. For those of you who want the chance to watch Los Angeles Kings games with other fans, no matter your location, please check out FanWide. If you want the opportunity to create your own Kings Fan Club, please contact FanWide.