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Seattle Seahawks (Hawks) NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for SEA

If loud enough, sound can be very harmful to human ears. Any sound above 85 decibels can cause permanent damage. Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field have been recorded at as loud as 137.6 decibels, twice setting the Guinness World Record for loudest stadium crowd. However, it is impossible to quantify the passion and intensity of Seahawks fans. They always produce an electric atmosphere, both in and out of the stadium, with their steadfast devotion to the team. With a string of playoff appearances in the last 20 years and back-to-back Super Bowl appearances including a victory over Peyton Manning and the Broncos, Seahawks fans have had plenty to cheer for. Though the team has struggled through some difficult recent seasons, Seahawks fans have never wavered, ready for the team’s return to postseason glory.

Members of the Germany chapter of the Sea Hawkers. Photo courtesy of

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The Seahawks fan base revolves around the idea of the “12th Man”: the idea that the team consists of the 11 players on the field, with the fans as the 12th player at all times. This is especially true at home games. The fans create the exciting and energetic gameday atmosphere, but they also have an impact on the game itself. When the home crowd is loud, it becomes difficult for opposing players, especially offensive linemen, to hear. This gives the Seahawks defense a distinct advantage at home, due to the presence of their 12th man. However, metaphorically, the 12th Man is always with the team. Seahawks fans are always pushing the team to strive for greatness, sticking with them through wins and losses alike. Fans adorn themselves with memorabilia such as 12th Man jerseys and flags. The team has an official page dedicated to “The 12’s” and holds a ceremonial raising of the 12th Man flag, giving fans an opportunity to connect more closely with the team.

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