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Minnesota Vikings NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for MIN

The sudden rise of the Minnesota Vikings is no coincidence. With the acquisition of Kirk Cousins and the emergence of the elite pass-catching duo of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, the Vikings are gearing up for something special. As the season progresses, the Vikings will look to make a playoff push, and, to make it to the big stage, they’ll need their fans behind them.

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While the organization hasn’t commissioned a centrally organized fan club, the Vikings do a lot to keep their fans engaged. At the start of every game in their brand new, state of the art stadium, the Vikings invite one special guest to sound the Gjallarhorn. As the horn blows, the crowd comes alive, and the Vikings establish a connection with their fans that they hope will carry them towards victory. In addition to tradition, the Vikings stay connected with their fans in some more modern ways.

To keep fans invested, the Vikings have a fan reward system that rewards fans for showing up to games and engaging on social media and the Vikings website. They keep fans informed on social media with 1.3 million Twitter followers, 760 thousand Instagram followers, and 2.2 million likes on Facebook. Overall, the organization makes a clear effort to stay connected with their fans, paying back a group who toughs out the Minnesota cold week after week to help their team in any way that they can.

There are numerous Vikings fan clubs across the country that act as organizers for fans in their area. A popular Vikings fan club database is This site is an overarching organizer for Vikings fans in the U.S. The Vikings are unique in that they do not have one fan club on the front lines with affiliated branches around the country. Rather, Vikings clubs are mostly stand-alone groups. One unique Vikings fan club is the UK Vikings fan club, a club that shows that the league is branching out (and a sign that the Vikings are gaining global recognition as an exciting professional team). The lack of a central organizer makes the Vikings fan base that much more interesting. Any of the many Vikings clubs might emerge as the leader of the pack at any given time.

While the fan club scene might be a bit confusing at the moment, FanWide helps clear things up. FanWide’s fan club database has accounted for 150 Vikings fan clubs. And, even if you aren’t looking to join a fan club, the website easily allows you to identify watch parties in your area if you are looking to watch the game with people that you know are on your side.

The Vikings have put the league on notice. As of late, they have consistently brought a strong defense and an innovative offense to every game. The team and their fans are hungry for their organization’s first Super Bowl, and after last season’s performance, the time might finally be arriving.

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