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Top NFL Teams: #1 Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are the top team in FanWide’s NFL rankings. While the Green Bay Packers have dominated the rest of the NFL on the field with their 4 Super Bowl victories and 34 playoff wins, it is their unique connection to their fan base off the field that truly separates them from every other team. Located in the small city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Lambeau Field sticks out from the houses and local restaurants that surround it. Green Bay may not have the glitz and glamour of a New York or Los Angeles but they have Packers football and they love it. Every Sunday, from September to December, Packers fans come together whether it be at a home game or at a local bar (at a FanWide Packers watch party) to support and root for the Packers. This tight-knit and close community is what makes the Packers fan base special and different from every other NFL team.

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Recently, the Packers have not been playing up to their usual high standards. However with new head coach Matt Lafleur at the helm and a ton of new defensive weapons such as Rashan Gary, Preston Smith, Za’Darius Smith, and Adrian Amos the Packers future looks very bright. Lets not forget to mention that the Packers also have future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers who many consider to be the best player in the league. While having these new defensive stars is nice, it all starts with Rodgers and what he is able to do this year. If he is able to play at a level anywhere near his 2014 MVP season, the rest of the league is in a lot of trouble.


Here is the list of teams that already have been announced:

10. Seattle Seahawks

9. Denver Broncos

8. Chicago Bears

7.  San Francisco 49ers

6. New York Giants

5. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. New England Patriots

2. Dallas Cowboys

1. Green Bay Packers


The Packers graded out as follows: 

Category Count NFL Rank
FanWide Fan Clubs 1450 1
Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions) 8.7 million 4
Forbes Value (in billion) 2.625 12
Nationally televised games (2018) 6 8
Playoff Wins (past 10 years) 9 2
Playoff Wins (all time) 34 4
Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years) 1 2
Super Bowl Wins (all time) 4 5
All-Stars (past 10 years) 23 6
Hall of Famers 30 4
Average Attendance (2018) 77,834 3
Average Attendance Percentage (2018) 96% 20


Number of Fan Clubs: 1450 (1st)

The Green Bay Packers have a whopping 1450 FanWide fan clubs! Not only does this impressive number give the Packers the number 1 ranking, but they also have more than double the amount of fan clubs the 2nd placed team has, the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you have interest in starting a fan club, let us know!

Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions): 8.7 million (4th)

The Green Bay Packers prioritize keeping their fans engaged through social media. This is demonstrated by the Packers large social media following. For instance, the Packers have 4.9 million Facebook followers, 1.6 million Instagram followers, and 2.2 million twitter followers. This gives the Packers a total of 8.72 million followers.

Forbes Value (in billions): 2.625 (12th)

Because Green Bay is one the smallest markets, the Packers are deemed less valuable than some of teams located in huge markets such as New York, California, and Texas. However, because of the Packer’s historically successful background and the Packer’s die-hard fan base, Forbes still valued the Packers relatively high compared to the rest of the league.

Nationally televised games (2018): 6 (8th)

The Packers had a total of 6 games nationally televised during the 2018 NFL season. Even though the Packers struggled in 2017, the NFL still gave the Packers the 8th most nationally televised games because of their large fan base across the country.

Playoff Wins (past 10 years): 9 (2nd)

The Packers have won a whopping 9 playoff games over the past 10 years. From 2009-2016, the Packers made the playoffs every single season. During these years, they were constantly making deep postseason runs and were dominating their competition.

Playoff Wins (all time): 34 (4th)

The Packer’s have won a remarkable 34 playoff games in the modern era. This statistic shows how successful the Packers have been and still currently are. No position is more important in the NFL than the quarterback. Fortunately for the Packers, they have had no trouble finding talent at this position as NFL superstars Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers all dressed up for the Green and the Gold. These three players carried their team towards many playoff victories during their careers.

Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years): 1 (2nd tie)

In 2011, the Packers defeated the Steelers by a score of 31-25. In a high scoring affair, Aaron Rodgers passed for three touchdowns on his way towards winning the Super Bowl MVP. The Packers defense did just enough to secure the win and give the Packers their 4th ever Lombardi Trophy. The Packers look to bring back this winning formula in 2019 with Aaron Rodgers still at the quarterback position and a new and improved defense.

Super Bowl Wins (all time): 4 (5th)

The Packers have won four Super Bowls in the modern era. A hallmark of any great franchise is the amount of Super Bowls the team has won. This high ranking shows how dominant the Packers have been.

All-Stars (past 10 years): 23 (6th)

Over the past 10 years, the Packers have had a whopping 23 players selected to either the Pro Bowl or the All-Pro team. Recently Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and David Bakhtiari have all been selected to the Pro Bowl.

Hall of Famers: 30 (4th)

Another category, another top 10 appearance. The Packers have had a total of of 30 players nominated in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some of  these players include Brett Favre, Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, and Reggie White. These players will always be remembered by the Packers fan base for their efforts and accomplishments on the field.

Average attendance: 77,834 (3rd)

Lambeau FIeld is the crown jewel of the National Football League. In 2013, the Packers decided to renovate the stadium by adding 7,400 more seats and 4 additional clubs and lounge spaces. With this renovation, the Packers were able to have more fans at their games and intensify the atmosphere at Lambeau Field.

Average attendance percentage (2018): 96% (20th)

The Packers ranked 20th in average attendance percentage in 2018. This low ranking is most likely correlated with the Packers disappointing season in 2018.

The Packers currently sit at #1 in FanWide’s NFL rankings. No matter where you live or travel, you can find Packers fan clubs and watch parties near you through FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network.