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Top NFL Teams: #8 Chicago Bears

At #8 in FanWide’s Top NFL Teams Ranking is the Chicago Bears. The Bears seem to never be forgotten when mentioning the top NFL teams. The Bears, otherwise known as the Monsters of the Midway, have a history like no other. Since the Bears’ establishment in 1920, the Bears have had quite a lot of success. The Monsters of the Midway have a record of 761-583-42. That is a respectable percentage of victory of 56.4%. This dominance has been seen through the presence of legends like Walter Payton, Gayle Sayers, Mike Ditka, George Halas, and Sid Luckman. The Bears dominance, although lost in recent years, has been restored due to the acquisition of all-pro linebacker Khalil Mack. Although the 2018 season ended on a sour note for the Bears, Bears fans have a lot to look forward to. The Bears have a solid foundation with a more-than-legitimate quarterback and a ferocious defense.

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Here’s the list of teams which have been announced so far:

10) Seattle Seahawks

9) Denver Broncos


Teams were evaluated in 12 different categories (visit this blog post to see the methodology). The Bears graded out as follows:


Category Count NFL Rank
FanWide Fan Clubs 262 8
Total Social Media Followers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in millions) 6.417 11
Forbes Value (in billion) 2.9 7
Nationally televised games (2018) 4 15 (tie)
Playoff Wins (past 10 years) 1 22 (tie)
Playoff Wins (all time) 17 15
Playoff Wins (all time) 17 15
Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years) 0 9 (tie)
Super Bowl Wins (all time) 1 13 (tie)
All-Stars (past 10 years) 24 3 (tie)
Hall of Famers 34 2
Average Attendance (2018) 61,815 26
Average Attendance Percentage (2018) 100.5 5


Number of FanWide fan clubs: 262 (8)

The Bears have 262 fan clubs listed with FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. If you want to start your own Bears fan club, please contact FanWide today.

Total Social Media Followers (in millions): 6.417 (11)

The Bears rank at number 11 in aggregate social media followers with 977,000 followers on Instagram, 3,700,000 followers on Facebook, and 1,740,000 followers on Twitter. NFL franchises have started to use social media as a platform to build connections with their fans and increase fan interest.

FanWide adds the number of followers each NFL team has on their Instagram and Twitter page, and the number of likes each team has on Facebook, as a way to determine how popular each NFL team is.

Forbes value (billion): 2.9 (7)

The value of the Chicago Bears is estimated to be 2.9 billion dollars, which is ranked 7th in the NFL. The value of each NFL team is based off of multiple factors such as stadium value, revenue and operating income from the 2017 season and revenue from non-NFL events, such as concerts if the team also operates the stadium.

Nationally televised games (2018): 4 (15 – tie)

Nationally televised games are decided based on the team’s success in the preceding season and the popularity of the team. Generally, nationally televised games tend to favor the “big markets”. The Bears had 4 nationally televised games last year, which gave the Bears a rank of 15.


Number of playoff wins (past 10 years): 1 (22 – tie)

Recent playoff success, even if it doesn’t culminate in a championship, is still an important indicator of team success. The Bears rank 22nd in this category due to the underachievement in the past 10 seasons. Although the Bears have underachieved in the playoffs the past couple years, look for the Bears to boost their rank in this category due to the dominance of Khalil Mack and the defense.


Number of playoff wins (all time): 17 (15)

The Bears rank 15th in number of playoff wins all time. The playoff success of a certain team is integral in a boost in fan popularity, especially historically. The success of the Bears in the 1980’s with teams led by Mike Singletary, Walter Payton, and Jim McMahon are a large part in the reasoning of the Bears cracking the top 10 on our list.


Super Bowl Wins (past 10 years): 0 (9 – tie)

Watching greatness is something many fans are eager to be a part of. Even though the Bears have not won a Super Bowl since the 1985 season, many fans choose to support the Bears due to their winning culture.


Super Bowl Wins (all time): 1 (13 – tie)

The Bears are ranked 13th in Super Bowl wins all time. The Bears defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XIX. Considering the Super Bowl was established 53 years ago, Super Bowl wins are vital when analyzing a team’s value and fan base. Super Bowl appearances increase a team’s exposure because it engages fans worldwide. It is important to consider historical championships, as they have played a role in building the current fan base of the Bears. Many fans feel that the Monsters of the Midway should have more Super Bowl wins considering the star power they had during the Walter Payton era.


Number of All Stars (past 10 years): 24 (3 – tie)

The Bears have had superstars since the establishment of the NFL. The Bears have had many superstars, including Dick Butkus, Gayle Sayers, and Walter Payton. Their fierce history creates a standard of winning in Chicago.


Hall of Famers: 34 (2)

The Bears are ranked 2nd in the NFL with Hall of Famers. Hall of Famers represent an NFL team’s success on and off the field throughout the history of a franchise. Similar to All-Stars, Hall of Famers carried their respected team towards victory and also increased the amount of fan interest demonstrated on any particular team.


Due to the Bears having so many Hall of Famers and legends of the game, many NFL fans feel engaged when watching the Bears. Bears players play with a strong sense of grit because of the team’s special history. The Monsters of the Midway have had many Hall of Famers, including Dick Butkus, Gayle Sayers, and Walter Payton.


Average Attendance (2018): 61,815 (26)

The Bears ranked 26th in average attendance per NFL team last season. Team popularity is often correlated to teams with “big markets”. Generally the teams that are in the “big markets” play in the largest stadiums. Although Chicago is a big market, the Bears play in a smaller stadium because the size of the stadium represents the intimate community feeling in Chicago


Even though the Bears play in a small stadium, their average home attendance percentage is almost always above 100% due to the loyalty Bears fans have.


Average Attendance Percentage (2018): 100.5% (5)

    The Bears ranked 5th in average home capacity percentage last season. Although the size of the stadium affects the amount of fans a stadium can seat, another way FanWide takes attendance into the ranking is the percentage of a stadium filled.