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Though they are no longer undefeated, the Rams certainly look every bit the part of a Super Bowl champion this season. With the recent success of the Golden State Warriors, the idea of the superteam has become a popular topic of discussion across sports. Many feel that it would be difficult to create a true superteam in the NFL, with about 25 starting positions and 53 total roster spots to fill. The Los Angeles Rams, however, are probably about as close to a superteam as one could find in the NFL. The roster is stocked with both talented veterans and young superstars, highlighted by quarterback Jared Goff, running back Todd Gurley, and defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

The team is also complemented by an elite coaching staff, led by young head coach Sean McVay and veteran defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. There have been numerous great teams in Rams history, such as the “Greatest Show on Turf”, which appeared in the Super Bowl in 2000 and 2002, winning the championship in 2000. However, this year’s team may just be the best one yet. This season, the Rams may just have what it takes to bring a Lombardi Trophy home to L.A.

Members of the So Cal Rams Booster Club in front of the LA Coliseum. Photo courtesy of

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The Rams have had an interesting history of relocation, moving from Los Angeles to St. Louis in 1995 before returning to L.A. in 2015. Because of the teams’ repeated movement, its fans are well dispersed across the country. Despite the Rams’ relatively short time in St. Louis, the city and the fans embraced the team as their own. This made leaving a difficult process, with the team having become a central part of the city’s identity.

To many in Los Angeles, however, this was seen as a long-awaited homecoming. They embraced the return of their team, ready to join them on their journey back to greatness. Because of the historical success of the team, Rams fans are concentrated not only in Southern California and St. Louis, but across the United States. These areas have the largest concentrations of Rams fans, but are far from the only areas where Rams fans currently reside.

The Rams organization works hard to keep its broad network of fans connected to the team. The Rams have an active social media presence, with active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The team has over 800,000 likes on Facebook, over 750,000 Twitter followers, and over 600,000 Instagram followers. Any one of these accounts is a great source of Rams-related content for fans. Aside from social media, the Rams official website contains a fan homepage with various links and resources, including programs, events, and other fan information. It also contains a link to a page detailing the various community service and outreach programs run by the team. There is no shortage of official team resources for Rams fans hoping to connect with their team.

Aside from official team resources, there are numerous unofficial groups, websites, and pages for Rams fans. A wide network of Rams fan clubs exists, with the largest clubs concentrated in Southern California. Clubs such as the So Cal Rams Booster Club, one of the most prominent Rams fan clubs, dedicate themselves not only to creating a friendly environment for Rams fans, but to outside charitable activities as well. FanWide has its own registry of Rams fan clubs, with 18 Rams fan clubs currently listed. Rams blogs such as Turf Show Times, the team SBNation blog, and Ramblin’ Fan, the team Fansided blog, provide news and analysis. There is also a vast network of Rams fan pages across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for Rams fans to follow.

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