Why Australia is the Most Popular Countries for Fans to Watch the Rugby League

If you are a die hard rugby fan, chances are you already know that Australia is one of the top trending countries to watch a game played within the rugby. But why is this so, why has Australia been rated as one of the most popular countries to watch any game in the rugby league? Not only is the country one of the most popular to watch these games, but Australians themselves move around to bet on these games on this official website. With this in mind, we explore the numerous reasons for this anomaly and why Australia gels so well with one of the leading sports in the world.

Australia on the History of Rugby

Rugby was first introduced to Australians in the early 1800s. One of the interesting things about this is that it was the soldiers and foreigners to have introduced the sport to the land. Apparently, the introduction was successful and became a way of rival towns interacting as opposing teams.

The history of rugby and Australia goes back to 1908 when a solid love affair began. Now, moving into the twentieth century the Rugby League is taking precedence over all types of rugby.

Rugby vs. Cricket

We aren’t saying rugby is better than cricket but we are saying that watching the Rugby League is popular in Australia and this was proven when the League gained more TV viewers than the Cricket World Cup. So while you may want to go to Australia for a quick game of cricket, you may want to schedule your trip around about the same time the Rugby League and get the best of both worlds while experiencing the Aussie approach to rugby celebrations.

The Pubs and Restaurants

Australia is so in love with the Rugby League that almost all restaurants and pubs screen the games during the season. Imagine being able to go out on a date and without having to ask, getting the opportunity to watch the game! No one even needs to know!

Why the Rugby League is more Popular than the Rugby Union

The Rugby Union, once upon a time, was the most popular sporting category for rugby. Now, only a few decades later, and the Rugby League is vastly more popular than the Rugby Union. When we looked into the reason why it came tour attention that fans felt more inclined to watch the Rugby League due to more famous players and teams partaking in the matches.

All of these reasons make us believe that Australia is the country to be in to enjoy a beer and watch the game. The people are friendly, almost each and every restaurant and social hang out is screening the matches and there is a place to go to enjoy the match on almost every corner. So why wouldn’t Australia, the country that basically bred and nurtured Rugby League fans, be the perfect ideal place to watch the matches of the season?