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Top NBA Teams: #2 San Antonio Spurs

When will their fire and power ever dissolve? Every year they manage to maintain their reputation of being one of the most threatening teams across the league. They are the San Antonio Spurs. It is easily agreed upon that the Spurs have built the steadiest and most successful NBA franchise over the past 20 years. Starting with David Robinson and Robert Horry, then transitioning to the Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili phase, then Kawhi Leonard, and now DeMar DeRozan, the talent never seems to end. The man behind the plan that has gifted the Spurs the immense amount of success they have had in the past 20 years is head coach Gregg Poppovich. With all of this, and more, the Spurs were able to land the #2 spot on FanWide’s Top Ten NBA Teams rankings. Let’s find out more about how the Spurs got second.

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Here’s the list of teams which have been announced so far:

10) Oklahoma City Thunder

9) Toronto Raptors

8) Los Angeles Lakers

7) Miami Heat

6) Boston Celtics

5) Cleveland Cavaliers

4) Chicago Bulls

3) Houston Rockets

2) San Antonio Spurs


The NBA is unique in many aspects of fan support. It is very difficult to rank a team based solely off of their on or off court success. Therefore, FanWide chose to use data from both categories to create a ranking that is one of a kind. All the metrics used in this ranking were weighted equally in order to ensure there was a balance between the different factors. Additionally, all of the metrics were applicable to all 30 of the NBA teams. As a result, our top ten ranking is the most balanced and unique ranking for NBA teams. More information about our methodology can be found here. FanWide will be releasing the top ten NBA fan clubs in the next few weeks.

San Antonio Spurs Rankings

Category Count NBA Rank
Fan Clubs on FanWide 68 3
NBA Championships since 1977 5 3
All-Stars (last 5 years) 6 7
National Games Televised Last Year (ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV) 25 8
Wins (last 5 years) 292 3
Attendance (Average) 18,403 12
Value (in billions) 1.55 11
Total Followers (in millions) 12.71 9

Fan Clubs on FanWide: 68 (3rd)

The Spurs have maintained their dominance across the league for the past 20 years. It is no surprise that while they were doing this, many fans decided to join the journey. Currently there are 68 Spurs fan clubs listed on FanWide. This puts them at 3rd across the NBA. If you are part of, or lead, a Spurs fan club make sure to register on FanWide.

NBA Championships Since 1977: 5 (3rd)

The San Antonio Spurs have made the NBA Finals 6 times, their first time being in 1999, which was 20 years ago. They currently are 5-1 in their 6 NBA Finals appearances, with only one 4-3 series loss to the Miami Heat in 2013. Nevertheless, the Spurs got their revenge in 2014 by nearly sweeping the Heat in a 4-1 series. With so much on court success in the postseason, it is no surprise that the Spurs rank 3rd across the NBA with this metric.

All-Stars (last 5 years): 6 (7th)

The Spurs roster always has at least one all-star per year. Hence, they have 6 all-stars in the past 5 years. Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Kawhi Leonard, and Lamarcus Aldridge have been the main contributors to this statistic. This season was the 21st consecutive season that the Spurs have been represented in the all-star game. It is almost guaranteed that this number will go up in the future with the recent addition of DeMar DeRozan.

National Games Televised Last Year (ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV): 25 (8th)

Although they are not as dominant as they were a few years ago when they had Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Kawhi Leonard all on the same team, the San Antonio Spurs are still very exciting and engaging to watch. With a roster consisting of DeMar DeRozan, Lamarcus Aldridge, Pau Gasol, and very strong reserves, it seems as if the Spurs deserve even more than 25 nationally televised games.

Wins (last 5 years): 292 (3rd)

There is no question to how strong the Spurs have been in the past 20 years. Like I said before, the Spurs have built the steadiest and most successful NBA franchise in the past 20 years. They also hold the longest 50+ win season streak with 18 straight seasons. Furthermore, the Spurs always manage to finish towards the top of the Western Conference in the regular season. Don’t be surprised if they have another 50+ win season as it is just the way they do things in San Antonio.

Attendance (average): 18,403 (12th)

Do not be fooled by this number. Yes the Spurs still place 12th in this metric, but looking a little deeper will shock you. AT&T Center has a maximum capacity of 18,581 people, and the Spurs average 18,403 fans in attendance every home game. That is over 99%. Every game is a packed game. I am certain that if the Spurs had a bigger arena, they would still manage to fill 99% of the stadium. This is because San Antonio does not have other major sports teams. Thus, the Spurs have a time monopoly over sports fans in the city.

Value (in billions): 1.55 (11th)

Despite being the second most important thing in San Antonio, right behind the Alamo, the value of the San Antonio Spurs franchise is $1.55 billion by Forbes. This places them towards the center of the league and the cause for this is because of the small market size of San Antonio. What is to their advantage, however, is the international aspect of their franchise and the diversity that is always present on the team. A few years back, the Spurs had Tim Duncan (from Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands), Tony Parker (France), and Manu Ginobili (Argentina). Now they have Patty Mills (Australia) and Pau Gasol (Spain). This will definitely give them a boost when the NBA market further expands globally.

Total Followers (in millions): 12.71 (9th)

Similar to many other organizations that have had a lot of success in the past, the number of Facebook followers the Spurs have is much more than that of Instagram and Twitter. As of now, they have 2.5 million followers on Instagram, 3.39 million followers on Twitter, and 6.9 million followers on Facebook. Once the Spurs win another championship, these numbers will skyrocket.

For the third and final time I will say that the Spurs have built the steadiest and most successful NBA franchise in the past 20 years. This statement is not only true, but also provides a valid reason as to how the Spurs placed the #2 spot on FanWide’s Top Ten NBA Teams ranking. Get excited for the announcement of the #1 team soon, as well as a full ranking of all 30 NBA teams.

Stay tuned for the release of FanWide’s Top 10 NBA Teams, and make sure to check out our ranking for the Top 10 MLB and European Soccer Clubs!


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