How Will Fantasy Sports Operators Stay Relevant & Engage Fans In The Dog Days Of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

Fantasy sports is a big part of American culture. It is a key driver behind thousands of Watch Parties organized by bars and restaurants.  The COVID-19 pandemic swept through the nation like wildfire bringing mainstream sports to a halt.   Traditional operators now need to get creative and stay relevant within the sports community. The national directive to self-quarantine would be much easier if live mainstream sporting events were running.  They would serve as a great distraction from the seriousness of this virus affecting us all.  StatementGames Inc. is one operator that continues to unite and engage sports fans through there platform.  The StatementGames Inc. platform operates a game with a twist on daily fantasy sports.  Even in the dog days of COVID-19, games are available for play daily.

Alternative Sports Operator StatementGames Inc. Keeping Fans Engaged During COVID-19.

The concept behind this alternative form of fantasy sports is simple yet innovative.  The overview video found at will give you a better understanding of how that game is positioned.  From this short 1-minute overview video you can see how the game combines traditional elements of Fantasy sports with prop betting.  Accessing StatementGames can be done through the WEB, Apple App Store & Google Play Store.   There is just one BIG hook… competing in this game is FREE.  There is no cost or ongoing community obligations.  Users compete for platform credits which can be exchanged for REWARDS, such as cash or gift cards.

The StatementGames REWARDS program is a great fan engagement tool!  Users are given a bucket of credits upon account creation.  There are also features within the platform in which the community can pick up additional credits through their engagement.  Of course, competing at a high level will also return credits to the user.  (Finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any 8-12 person contest) As soon as a community member achieves 500 credits, they can exchange their coins for cash gift cards.  Hundreds of national and local businesses.

In this crazy time COVID-19, StatementGames is keeping business engaged with a thirsty sports community eager for a positive activity to do.  As the nation gets back on track the business community is going to need the nations help.  Purchasing gift cards is one way to support businesses.  StatementGames Inc. is giving sports communities an opportunity to support the business community by competing for CASH gift cards!

Stay Safe As The Nation Battles COVID-19

With the NBA, NHL & MLB on pause, StatementGames Inc. engages fans through WWE & NFL draft games.  More games will populate the platform as clarity is given on when leagues resume their schedules.  Until then the team at StatementGames Inc. and FanWide encourages you to stay safe as we push forward with the COVID-19 battle.