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Washington Capitals Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for WSH

The fan thrill that comes with watching a Washington Capitals hockey game matches no other. The pure talent, exciting stadium, and superb management sum up what all sports teams look to achieve. The ownership uses social media as a bridge between the fans and the team, giving everyone the ability to feel as if they truly are part of the Capitals community. With over 785K Instagram followers, 755K Facebook followers, and 772K Twitter followers, the Capitals strive to keep all fans around the globe up to date on news, score, and insider information.

The stress put on keeping all fans entertained and excitement for every game is clearly emphasized through their usage of these social media platforms. The interaction with the fans, however, extends beyond the hockey games themselves. The team offers an extensive program for kids of all ages who want to start hockey at a young age. Called the Caps Kids Club, parents can sign their kids up to play hockey with active and former players of the Capitals. All participants receive merchandise from the team including drawstring bags, hockey sticks and pucks, and exclusive access to other player-fan interactions.

 Also, the Capitals beloved mascot, Slapshot, has been hosting events and making appearances throughout the D.C area. He goes to schools to encourage students to eat healthy and inform them about exercising for 60 minutes a day. Using a mascot that kids adore can only strengthen the lessons being taught about trying to stay healthy. Slapshot also teaches children about the importance of reading and the valuable lesson of standing up to bullies. 

Lastly, the Washington Capitals have a program called Caps Canines, where all pet owners in the D.C area are encouraged to sign up for this program. Pet owners receive exclusive pet merchandise and access to special pet-friendly events. All proceeds of this go to animals hospitals and charities in the area. The Capital’s extreme outreach to the community not only makes the area such a big hockey place, but the community as a whole becomes closer and stronger with each and every event the Capitals host.   

The constant updates on the Washington Captial’s social media bring D.C together. People of all ages love hearing about the news feeds and inside information about the team. Every event hosted by the Capitals brings people together as they bond not only over their love of the hockey team, but their adoration for Washington D.C. The radio shows about the team allow fans to share their opinions as fans calls are an everyday occurrence. Overall, the social media usage of the Capitals is a key contributor to the overall success of the team, the extremely supportive fanbase, and the closeness of the community as a whole. If you are interested in going to a Washington Capitals’s watch party, please visit