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St. Louis Blues Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for STL

Watching the St. Louis Blues playing the game of hockey is an experience like no other. The young, rising stars that fill the team’s roster elevate the gameplay to such a level that the stadium is filled with fans dying to get a glimpse of this talent. The Blues use social media as their main method for organizing events for fans to meet players, increase their global fanbase, and provide inside information about the team. With 740K Facebook followers, 604K Instagram followers, and 748K Twitter followers, the Blues pride themselves on having a large social media base to inspire fans from around the world to support the team. 


A primary goal of all sports teams is to achieve greatness, not only in terms of championships, but in terms of its fan base. The Blues have certainly achieved this. The organization’s level of engagement with the fans at the stadium, and through social media, has taken the team to the next level. The Blues offer different programs throughout the season that engage fans with players and management. The Blue Note Kids Club engages kids 12 and under with players to learn about the game of hockey and develop skills from a young age. The Blues also created challenges for fans to do, rewarding the winners with prizes such as tickets and memorabilia. One of these programs includes Mascot Monday. One Monday every month, the Blues Mascots (Louie and Eddie) post a picture about where they recently visited. If fans correctly guess the location, they are entered into a raffle where they can win tickets and other prizes. Lastly, for all the Blue’s fans who want to meet the mascot, they offer Louie themed birthday parties for kids. Overall, the St. Louis Blues pride themselves on sharing the experience with their fans and trying to create the best atmosphere for everyone.  

A key contributor to the Blues fan club success has been their constant interaction with the fans. While the large fundraisers are great as the fans usually are able to meet players, the constant social media posts, podcasts, and news articles constantly stir the buzz surrounding the Blues. The team illustrates what all organizations should strive to be. Their hard work, dedication, and strategic marketing has led the Blues to the top of the National Hockey League. If you are interested in finding a St. Louis Blues watch party near you, check out to find these events.