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Atlanta Braves MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for ATL

Did you know the Atlanta Braves are the oldest team in the MLB? Beginning in 1871 in Massachusetts as the Boston Red Stockings, the Braves have had a rich history with all time greats such as Hank Aaron, John Smoltz, and Greg Maddux. The Braves continue to draw on their past as inspiration for the present and future in an effort to continue their success as one of the premier Major League Baseball Clubs. This success is evident both on the field and off, especially with the team’s social media. With 1 million Instagram followers, 1.31 million Twitter followers, and 2.13 million Facebook followers, the Braves have developed a substantial social media presence across the 3 main platforms (4.44 million followers total). These accounts provide passionate Braves fans with excellent resources to stay connected to the team. 

Outside of social media, the Braves franchise has also created numerous official resources for fans in the Georgia area as well as around the world on its website. While the Atlanta Braves are the oldest team in the MLB, their home, Truist Park, was built in 2018. The new park is so special that Braves fans can take Daily Tours, go on VIP experiences, embark on a baseball education, and celebrate as part of the SunTrust Park Tours. If you can’t get to the ATL, the Braves Email Newsletter is the perfect resource. From video highlights to news and exclusive updates, being a Braves Insider is an excellent free way to connect with the Braves organization. The Braves also do tremendous work in the Atlanta community. With programs such as Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, Stand Up To Cancer, Military Appreciation, and Play Ball, the Braves always show support for the ATL. 

There are also many unofficial options for Braves fans to show their love for #BravesCountry. Tomahawk Take, the FanSided chapter of the Braves, is a great resource for news and editorials. Furthermore, Talking Chop, the SBNation website, is another informative resource for the “Atlanta Braves community,” with stats, analysis, updates, and more. Finally, FanWide, the world’s top fan club network, is host to 3 Braves fan clubs as well as numerous watch parties around the USA. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own Atlanta fan club, or registering your ATL fan club with our database. No matter where you live, FanWide can connect Braves fans with each other.

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