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Arizona Diamondbacks (D-Backs) MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for ARI

Residing in downtown Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the United States, the Arizona Diamondbacks have accumulated a large fanbase that contributes to their overall success in the MLB. This is not only due to the fact that they are located in such a populous city, the team also works hard to distribute information on their social media platforms and their website. This leads to fans being able to easily stay updated on their favorite team.

The Diamondbacks also can commonly be found outside of the baseball field, working with other organizations in order to increase overall popularity. Located on the team’s website, the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation demonstrates the different ways in which the team interacts with their community. The foundation, established in 1997 before the team even played its first major league game, strives to cover three main areas of need: homelessness, indigent healthcare, and children’s programs of all types. They accomplish this goal with the use of their fanbase accompanied with their players and coaches. They provide community service work not only to better the wellbeing of certain people, but also to make connections with these underprivileged groups. In addition, the foundation makes large donations in order to support the sport of baseball for the youth. Since 2012, the Diamonds Back Field Building Program built or refurbished 41 baseball fields in Phoenix so that young players can enjoy the game.

Their website also includes everything that a fan might need to stay updated with the team. From player stats to highlights from every game, post-game interviews, or any other news that help fans to stay up to date. Also online are fan-run websites that allow for Diamondbacks fans to communicate with one another. The AZ Snake Pit website has many fan-written articles that anyone can read or comment on. This generates many discussions amongst the fans, uniting them together through their favorite team. The website also includes gameday reports, so that fans can stay updated on who is playing and who is not.

Finally, the team utilizes social media so that their fans can continue to stay updated on what is going on easily. With 589K followers on Twitter and 343K followers on Instagram, the team has acquired many followers through the way in which they use their social media accounts. They are constantly posting new updates on the team, game highlights, or many other things that keep fans updated on what is going on. This leads to them gaining more followers, as they are effectively communicating information with their fans. For fans who want to continue staying updated on their favorite teams and watch the games with fellow fans of the same team, please check out FanWide. FanWide strives to allow for fans to come together, no matter your location.