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Kansas City Royals Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for KC

Just writing the words “Kansas City sports” gives me, and any sports fan the chills. Kansas City citizens love their Royals and Chiefs like no other. The Chiefs and Royals play across the street from each other, and this past week everyone in the Kansas City area was dying to see Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid hoist the Lombardi just like the Kansas City Royals hoisted the World Series Championship trophy in 2015. Although the Kansas City Royals are coming off two back-to-back 100-loss seasons, the Royals are looking to rebuild this year and provide a spark similar to the 2015 Kansas City Royals. Longtime Kansas City Royals player, Alex Gordon stated that this year’s Kansas City Chiefs and the 2015 Kansas City Royals are similar. Gordon said when asked about the situation: “You’re giving me goosebumps just thinking about it,” Gordon said. “It’s kind of been looking into a mirror in 2014-2015 with the Royals. Just the way that (the Chiefs have) gone about the playoffs. How they compete together on the field. They’re just having fun, they’re coming back, coming from behind almost every game. So it just kind of reminds you of what we went through. ” Gordon knows that in order for the Royals to rejuvenate their fans and recreate a successful culture, the players need to be collaborative like no other and be willing to compete for each other.

Many insiders are pessimistic when it comes to the Royals being in the playoffs next year, especially Bleacher Report. Bleacher Report ranked the Royals at 26 in the early-2020 MLB power rankings. What’s great about sports, especially baseball is that everyone can win, especially the Royals, a team who won just over four years ago. This team has a lot to play for this season, as long-time owner, David Glass died just two weeks ago. Other than the Royals not having a lot to play for this season, their fans never fail to show support, as many Royals Fanatics claim the Royals are home to the best fans in the MLB.

The Kansas City Royals have an incredible 6,683 fans on FanWide, the largest fan club network worldwide. They also have 780K followers on Instagram and 1M followers on Twitter, which is a solid amount of fans worldwide. Also, The Kansas City Royals provide several opportunities for fans to stay engaged and feel a part of the Royals community. These opportunities include the Sluggerr’s Blue Crew which is a club that provides a platform for children to be a part of the Royals family. Features of being a member include special socks, 2 home game ticket vouchers, and many other cool gifts. Another great opportunity Royals fans love as a way to stay involved in their Royals community are the birthday party tours. If any of your kids or friends, including adults have a birthday you can have a private tour of the ballpark and eat complementary food at the park for a day.  If you want to meet up with Royals fans at a bar or restaurant, create a watch party through FanWide, the largest fan club network worldwide.