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Anaheim Ducks NHL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for Ducks

The National Hockey League’s Anaheim Ducks, originally founded in 1993, prioritize their fan experience as much as their players’. Their official website offers insight into how the team connects with its fan base through promotions, subscriptions and other engagement opportunities. For example, the club runs various hockey programs, allowing children, teenagers, adults and people with disabilities to enjoy the game of hockey in a Ducks’ environment. These programs are extremely inclusive and strive to improve individual skill, while impressing the team’s core values upon its fans. Additionally, the Ducks’ Hockey Spot, located in front of the south entrance of the Honda Center, offers fans an entertaining destination before games. Although these opportunities are only available to fans in the greater Anaheim area, FanWide ensures that remote fans have the ability to connect and bond through watch parties or other team events.


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Being a fairly new team, the Anaheim Ducks are continually expanding their fan base through a variety of initiatives including the official mobile app, the Die Hards club and the S.C.O.R.E program. The newly updated Ducks app, located within the NHL app, provides fans with access to live game simulations, radio broadcasts and customizable alerts for breaking news and team updates. It contains the Ducks’ full schedule even has ticket purchasing capabilities, making it essential for fans to purchase. For the most dedicated Ducks fans, the Die Hards club offers exclusive fan gear (not available in the team store), invites to special team events and opportunities to volunteer within the organization. Self proclaimed ‘the best booster club in the NHL”, the members of the Die Hards club are intent on supporting the team and connecting the expanding fan community.

The Ducks organization is extremely interested in developing and engaging with the youth of Southern California through the S.C.O.R.E program. Founded in 2005, the S.C.O.R.E program reinforces the importance of healthy and active living, academic excellence and strong character through the sport of hockey. The various initiatives within the program, like the I3 Training Camp and Reading Is The Goal, incentivize young Ducks fans to immerse themselves within the team’s values and community. Ducks fans living in Southern California are extremely fortunate as the team offers an immense amount of engagement opportunities within the area. However, remote fans can also share this sense of Ducks pride and community through FanWide connections and watch parties. 

Although being a fairly young team, the Anaheim Ducks have an impressive fan base. With a newly updated website and app, Ducks fans are especially engaged with team news and events. In addition, the extremely cohesive community continues to develop through the S.C.O.R.E program, positively influencing the youth of Southern California through hockey.