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Houston Dynamo Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for HOU

MLS has been a growing sensation in the US ever since it first arrived. While soccer (futbol in other countries), is not the most popular sport in the US, it continues to see a rise in viewership and support season after season. More specifically, the Houston Dynamo has seen an enormous rise in their fanbase. Through the team’s constant usage of social media, 316K Facebook followers, 134K Instagram followers, and 425K Twitter followers, fans are able to stay updated on team news, rumors, and game-time updates that all fans want to know about.

All teams pride themselves on having a strong relationship between the fanbase and the organization themselves. The Houston Dynamo are a perfect representation of this, as they perfectly balance soccer with the fan promotions. Hustle Town is a group of Dynamo supporters that look to add flair and energy to gamedays. Hustle Town includes 4 groups of people – El Batallón, Texian Army, The Surge, and Bandera Negra as well as independent supporters. They are constantly looking for people who share the passion for the Houston Dynamo. 

The organization also promotes soccer leagues in Houston. They promote different leagues for all people in Houston, ranging from over 30 leagues to a women’s league. The 3 biggest leagues are the Houston Football Association, Houston Women’s Soccer Association, and 30 Over Recreational Soccer Organization. Each league contains different divisions and skill levels so people of all skills are able to play. 

Lastly, the Houston Dynamo offer watch parties throughout Houston to create an atmosphere outside of the stadium for fans to go and watch the games with fellow supporters. The watch parties are offered throughout Houston during various games. Fans are encouraged to go to the parties, meet Diesel, and win prizes all while cheering on your favorite MLS team.

Overall, the Houston Dynamo organization sets the bar high for interactions with fans. With an emphasis on making the loyal fans feel as if they are a part of the organization, the Dynamo know how to create a thrilling atmosphere. If you are interested in going to a Fanwide watch party for the Houston Dynamo, visit to find a party near you.