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Chicago Fire FC Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for CHI

The Chicago Fire FC played their first season in the MLS in 1998, and it was the clear beginning of an incredible franchise. While winning the MLS Cup in their first season is an outstanding achievement, that isn’t what makes the team so great. The fanbase that formed since the construction of the team is what makes the Fire a masterpiece. The bond between the fans and team is unlike any other sports team. With 117K Instagram followers, 323K Facebook followers, and 172K Twitter followers, the management team of the Chicago Fire FC keeps the fans connected to the team through constant posts and updates throughout the year (in season and offseason).


A major part of keeping the fans and team connected is through planned events hosted by the soccer team itself. The Chicago Fire Foundation, run by the club, plans fundraisers and charity events that make the quality of life in Chicago better for everyone. The organization has raised over $1.8 million since its inception, all of which has been given back to the Chicago community. The Chicago Fire Foundation also strongly encourages people to join the program, running in the Chicago Marathon and helping to raise funds for the community. The P.L.A.Y.S Program is a team run organization that emphasizes the importance of participation, desire to learn, achievement, and youth soccer. This program tries to connect classroom characteristics with outdoor traits to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone. It has been recognized by the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, for its ability to teach kids.

Lastly, the Passback Program is an enormous program that Chicago Fire FC takes great pride in being a part of. It is a program that highly encourages people from all over to donate soccer equipment (Uniforms, Shin Guards, Goalie Gloves, Cleats, Cones and Soccer Balls) to the team so they can donate to soccer facilities. This gives children who are unable to afford their own equipment a chance to enjoy the sport. The Chicago Fire FC sees such success with these programs because of the usage of social media, as they are able to reach out to all members of the community. 

The Chicago Fire FC is an example of what all sports teams look to achieve- the strong management team and powerful bond with the fans. If you or someone you know is interested in going to a watch party for the Chicago Fire FC, please visit for more information.