Most Expensive Man Alive: Neymar’s Transfer to PSG

On August 4, Neymar officially made his move from football’s powerhouse, Barcelona, to Paris Saint-Germaine (PSG). PSG paid a transfer fee of over $250 million USD, breaking the record set by Manchester United in 2016, and making Neymar the most expensive football player in the world. His contract is set to go through 2022 where he will earn around $35 million per season (after taxes) and before his major signing bonus.

It is indisputable that Neymar would ruffle the feathers of Barcelona fans with his acceptance of PSG’s offer. Some believe that there is no reason to leave Barcelona as it is at the top of football – there is no better place to go once you reach Barcelona. Some fans even retaliated to Neymar’s “disrespectful” move away from Barcelona by burning his jersey.

Barcelona fans aren’t the only ones upset with Neymar’s transfer. Santos Futebol Clube feels it is entitled to a cut of the massive transfer fee that PSG paid to Barcelona due to a violation of a contract clause which required friendlies to be played between Blaugrana and Santos while Neymar was still a part of the team (Neymar only played in one friendly before being moved to Barcelona).

Despite the negative press surrounding Neymar’s move, he was all smiles while donning the PSG kit in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Neymar said, “I am extremely happy to join the Paris Saint-Germaine. Since my arrival in Europe, this club has become one of the most competitive and ambitious. The biggest challenge, which motivated me to join my new teammates, is to help the club win the titles that its fans dream about. The ambition of Paris Saint-Germain seduced me, as much as the passion and energy it arouses. I spent four years in Europe and I am ready to take up the challenge. Starting today, I will do everything to help my team win, open up new horizons for my club and bring happiness to its millions of supporters around the world.”

At 25 years-old, Neymar has a lot of career left ahead of him. Maybe his career will end at PSG, or maybe one day he will return to Barcelona. For now, Neymar should enjoy being the most expensive man in the world before the next record-breaking transfer makes headlines.