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FanWide Presents the Top Football Fan Club Competition #TopFootballFanClub

FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network, is announcing a competition to identify the top pro football fan club in the country.  FanWide promotes over half a million game watch parties every year for fans of every pro, college and international sports team at over 10,000 sports bars nationwide.  Make sure that your fan club is already listed at or contact us at to get added.

Top Football Fan Club Competition #TopFootballFanClub

Starting today, any fan clubs of American professional football that are located in the United States can enter the contest with the grand prize of an athlete appearance at one of your club’s upcoming events!  First, the top fan clubs from different teams will be selected, then the winners will compete against each other to be named the nation’s Top Football Fan Club!  This will give your fan club great publicity and grow your network.

Here is our fan club summary for every NFL team:

What do we look for?
FanWide wants to find the most engaged and passionate fan clubs.  We will look at the numbers of members, frequency of events, influence, social media presence, traditions, and a variety of other factors.  FanWide will even interview someone from all qualifying fan clubs to learn about what makes your group the best!

How do we apply?
To enter the free contest, contact FanWide by emailing and tag us on Twitter @FanWide or Instagram @FanWide with #TopFootballFanClub.

Once we identify your fan club, someone from FanWide will contact you and collect some information, photos, and interview you by email.  We will write a blog about several top fan clubs for each team, then announce a national winner for the top teams.  FanWide will then determine the top overall football fan club in the country!  In collaboration with our network of professional athletes, the overall winner will get a visit from a legendary athlete from their team during a game watch party.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Symon Perriman
President & Founder

Disclaimer: FanWide Technologies Inc. (“FanWide”) has no affiliation with the National Football League (“NFL”) nor its teams nor its partners.  This competition is run independently by FanWide, and all winners will be determined at FanWide’s discretion.