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Top NFL Fan Clubs: The Pittsburgh Steelers

Wiz Khalifa’s 2010 hit, “Black and Yellow,” acted as a Steelers anthem throughout their 2011 super bowl run. As the players emerged from the tunnel, fueled by new fight song, Steelers fans were once again reminded of how in-tune the Steelers organization remained with their fan base. The Steelers and their fans connect through the iconic city of Pittsburgh, a blue-collar town founded on the backs of steelworkers.

Fittingly, they are led by the rugged “Big Ben” Roethlisberger, a 1-year high school quarterback out of Lima, Ohio (and 2 time Super Bowl champion). If it isn’t clear enough, the Steelers have been successful because they make the most out of what they have. They certainly belong in Pittsburgh in that their charm is subtle, yet inexplicably apparent; they don’t need to be flashy to be noticed. Pittsburgh fans are overwhelmingly everyday people, and they remain loyal to their team because, in the chaos of daily life, the Steelers don’t forget about them.

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The Steelers have made a point to stay connected to their fans in more ways than one. With 1.9 million Instagram followers, 3.4 million Twitter followers, and 6.5 million Facebook likes, they have established their presence on social media. Staying with this theme, in 2014, the Steelers launched, “Steelers Nation Unite,” an online fan network that rewards fans for engaging in the Steelers community. The online community is open to fans across the world and was built to keep fans active and entertained. With weekly giveaways, a tiered reward system, and active message boards, Steelers Nation Unite has reinvigorated the organization. 

Naturally, Steelers fans are interested in demonstrating their devotion to the black and gold beyond an online presence. There are hundreds of notable active Steelers fan clubs across the country, making a point to join together to watch football games every Sunday and host events with current and former Steelers players. Large clubs like “Steel City Mafia” have grown beyond the borders of Pennsylvania with hangouts across the country.

FanWide’s fan club network has accounted for 683 Steelers fan clubs in the world and can connect fans with any number of Steelers watch parties and events. With such a widespread fan base, Steelers fans are always in need of linking with members of the Steelers Nation in their community, and to many Steelers fans, there is no connection more pure than sitting down and watching their team go to work.

With a league-leading six super bowls wins under their belt, the Steelers are universally accepted as one of the premier NFL organizations. They come back each year with elite weapons, consistently among the leaders of the pack. Steelers fan clubs are sure to be increasingly active as they become closer and closer to more success, and this surge might be coming just in time. Will the NFL’s top fan club be written in black and gold?

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