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Chicago Bears NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for CHI

The Chicago Bears are a franchise steeped in history, and with a new and improving roster, fans have been given the privilege of focusing on the future- not just the past. How did the Bears become so iconic? A history of frightening defenses and exciting skill-position players? Maybe. A series of SNL skits and an eccentric former coach? Probably. It really doesn’t matter how the Bears became a national brand- they are one. On any given Sunday at Soldier Field, you might find yourself running into Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, or even former President Barack Obama. With a sudden rise in talent, the Bears seem to be getting back on track, and fans everywhere are preparing to flock to the windy city to see “Da Bears” as their team gets closer and closer to emulating their former self.

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For their fans, the Bears are more than a football team. They are a symbol of Chicago. With the Bears being the lone professional football franchise in the Chicago market, it would be hard to walk around Chicago and find a football fan not supporting the team. As a result, the Bears fan base is like a close-knit family. Generally, this would cause displaced Bears fans to feel left out. Fortunately for them, the Bears fan base, over time, has stretched far and wide. To start, the Bears themselves have managed to maintain a social media presence. The Bears official social stats: 801k Instagram followers, 1.7 million Twitter followers, and 4 million likes on Facebook. The Bears use these social media accounts to keep their fan base informed and engaged- the latter is not much of a challenge. Additionally, the Bears have a “fan zone” on their website which allows fans to sign up for email newsletters and includes a “kids zone” to engage the next generation of Bears fans.

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