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Green Bay Packers NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for GB

While in their 100th season, the Green Bay Packers are, and always have been, a team to look out for. Having four Super Bowl titles under their belt and currently being led by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Packers are looking just as good as they always do this season. The symbolic green and gold represents none other than Green Bay. It is clear to why celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, and Ellen Degeneres support the team. To outsiders, how the Packers have remained relevant throughout all these years seems to be a mystery, yet the answer is very clear: the fans.

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Being a Packers fan is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle. They are easily one of the most devoted groups of fans and have been given nickname “Cheeseheads”. This nickname has become so popular that anyone wearing the signature foam block of cheese on their head can quickly be identified as a Packers fan. Additionally, the level of passion is so intense that there is never an issue filling Lambeau Field with excited fans, regardless if the temperature outside is far below freezing. However, attending a game in person is not the only way Packers fans enjoy the excitement of the game. Fan clubs meet and host game watch parties where all can sign up and join. The open nature of Packers fans bonds them together through their identical interest of having the Packers win.

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