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How to Maximize Your 2018 NBA Playoffs Game Watching Experience

The 2018 NBA Playoffs are officially underway! We have already seen the topsy-turvy regular season spill over into the postseason. The seemingly red-hot Portland Trail Blazers were upset at home by Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans in game one of their best of seven game series. Additionally, the Boston Celtics were brutally tested by the Milwaukee Bucks in an overtime thriller, in which Boston eventually prevailed. And finally, perhaps the biggest story from the first weekend of the 2018 NBA Playoffs, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were beaten by 18 points at home by the Indiana Pacers. Evidently, the first weekend has already proven that this year’s playoffs will be like no other. Four and five game series are seldom likely to be found for the 2018 NBA Playoffs. This is very different from last year where more than half of the series in the playoffs were finished in either four or five games.

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All sports fans know that watching your favorite team with a group is far more fun than watching alone. Thus, if you want to find a group of fans to enjoy these last couple months of basketball, FanWide has you covered wherever you live or travel.

Now, many people prefer to attend game watch parties organized by the team itself. Most playoff teams will hold a single viewing party for their fans at the stadium while the team is playing away games. Team organized events are only during away games because the teams want the fans to come spend money at the stadium during home games. For instance, for Game 2 of the San Antonio vs. Golden State series, the Spurs are holding a watch party for fans in San Antonio. Preferably, fans would like the ability to attend game watch parties for home and away games. It is not always logistically or financially feasible for fans to go to the stadium for home games. In addition, Spurs fans outside of San Antonio would also like to enjoy the game with other Spurs fans. Team hosted game watch parties therefore only benefit fans inside the market of the team. Regardless of the game venue, FanWide will have NBA game watch parties posted for fans to attend at local bars or restaurants. FanWide strives to provide the ultimate viewing experience for all sports fans whether it be in market or out of the market.

As a bonus, FanWide’s service can help local restaurant owners out too. Hosting a game specific watch party can bring in a lot of revenue on multiple nights throughout a playoff series. Hosting a viewing party and promoting it on FanWide’s website for these watch parties is an unbeatable advertising opportunity and a great way to get your business off the ground.

Here is how to find game watch parties for NBA playoff teams.

Eastern Conference Playoff Teams
Western Conference Playoff Teams

Let FanWide help you enjoy the NBA playoffs as much as possible, by showing you a local restaurant where you can truly enjoy every nail-biting moment of the game with other fans who are just as passionate as you are.