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The Houston Astros Rocky Road to the World Series

The Houston Astros managed to fight their way into the World Series after beating the Yankees 4-3 in the ALCS. And what a time for the Astros to persevere, as Texas needed a reason to celebrate.

It’s been a rough couple of months for Houston after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey left thousands without homes and billions of dollars of damages in its wake. The rainfall from Harvey in Texas and Louisiana alone could have filled the Astrodome 85,000 times over.

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Rain and destruction displaced the Astros in early September, sending them to Florida for their home games. Upset about their home town being underwater and without the home advantage, the Astros fell 12-2 to the Rangers in their first game in Florida.

The Astros took part in various philanthropic activities to help the citizens of Texas who were affected by Harvey. Some players donated money to the relief fund while others visited shelters to meet some of the evacuees. They also created the #HoustonStrong campaign. Players wore jerseys with the phrase and a symbol and sold shirts to fans with the same logo. All proceeds went to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Despite this adversity, the Astros (and Houston) carried on. Now officially in the Series, they claim the 4th highest ticket prices in the last 7 years behind the Dodgers and both of last year’s World Series teams, which is unfortunate for Astros fans that may have lost everything. Sadly, tickets for the World Series are always high and there may not be much that the Astros or the MLB can do for Houston fans that will not negatively effect their businesses.

Although the Astros have been to the World Series in the past, they have yet to win. This is their first appearance since 2005 where they lost to the White Sox. They are starting the Series with a 1-0 deficit since they lost game 1 to the Dodgers. But if any team in the MLB has demonstrated their perseverance, it is the Houston Astros. Whether you are an Astros fan, a Dodgers fan, or any other team’s fan, surely everyone can root for Houston during this 2017 World Series.

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