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Top NFL Fan Clubs: The Miami Dolphins

Few franchises can match the prestige and history of the Miami Dolphins. Winning Super Bowls VII and VIII established the Dolphins as an NFL powerhouse from its outset. In 1972-1973, the Dolphins became the only team ever to complete a perfect season with a Super Bowl victory. Legendary names such as Don Shula and Dan Marino, both of whom are among the greatest ever in their respective roles, characterize this rich history. While the Dolphins haven’t appeared in a Super Bowl in over 30 years, their luck would appear to be turning around, with the team returning to the playoffs in 2016. Led by young head coach Adam Gase and emerging stars such as cornerback Xavien Howard, running back Kenyan Drake, and safety Minkah Fitzpatrick, the future looks bright in Miami.  

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When most people think of Miami, a few main ideas come to mind: warm weather, beaches, nightlife, and parties. These features of the city also evoke images of the Dolphins fan base: intense, passionate about their team, and always looking for a good time. Even throughout some difficult seasons, Dolphins fans have never abandoned their team. They have a strong record of game attendance, both at Hard Rock Stadium and on the road. Dolphins fans will never cease to have pride in their city and in their team.

Given the widespread influence of Dolphins, the team has worked to maintain a strong fan outreach presence. The team’s website contains a “fan zone” with contests, promotions, and other fan outreach materials. The Dolphins maintain a strong social media presence, with close to 2.3 million likes on Facebook, 983K followers on Twitter, and 822K followers on Instagram. Their official hashtag, #FinsUp, serves as a rallying cry for Dolphins fans nationwide. These team resources help fans in Miami and across the country get closer to their team.

Aside from the team’s official outreach sites, there are various prominent fan clubs and online organizations. The Phinsider, the team SBNation blog, provides fans with news, analysis, other Dolphins-related content. Dolfans NYC is one of the team’s largest fan clubs. It helps to organize fan events, both at games and at watch parties. Its website contains photos, videos, information about the club, and links to other Dolphins-related sites. Dolfans NYC and other fan clubs like it show the widespread popularity of the Dolphins. FanWide’s own Dolphins homepage helps fans find watch parties near them, with 188 Dolphins fan clubs currently listed. These are just some of the many resources available to Dolphins fans nationwide.

Through their triumphs and their rough patches, Dolphins fans have always stayed loyal to their team. In South Beach and across the U.S.A, Dolphins fans are an energetic, intense group. FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network, is running a competition to identify the top pro football fan club in the country.  Do you think your Miami Dolphins fan club can be named the nation’s Top Football Fan Club?   Visit to learn more and enter.  The grand prize includes an athlete appearance at one of your fan club’s upcoming events!  #TopFootballFanClub