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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for PHI

Philadelphia Eagles fans are by far the scrappiest and may be the most spirited fans in the NFL. They never fail to make the opposing team feel uncomfortable. Through the success of the Eagles in the 2018 playoffs, fans all around the league began to notice the passion that their fans had. Notoriously known for mocking the Vikings “skol” chant and defying the Philadelphia police’s use of hydraulic fluid to prevent fans from climbing light poles, there seems to be no limit to what Eagles fans are willing to do to support their team. Some instances, the fans have ridden their spirit to such extremes that it seems that they may be a key factor in the success of the organization.

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Although a generalization, all Eagles fans not only have emotions, but are willing to pour it out during the games. Being vocal is the root to being an Eagles fan. Additionally, weather is the least of their concerns as below freezing temperatures do not affect the amount of fans that fills the stands every game. Besides packing Lincoln Financial Field many fan clubs meet at bars and restaurants and host game watch parties for those who do not live in the Philadelphia area or prefer the concentrated intensity of small meetups during away games. Most Eagles fans are in Philadelphia and South Jersey, but some fan clubs exist on the other side of the country as far away as Seattle, WA. FanWide has 34 Eagles fan clubs listed around the country.

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