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Top NFL Fan Clubs: The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are by far one of the most historically dominant organizations in the NFL. Their five Super Bowl titles and legends such as Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and many more who have all been a part of America’s Team provide a clear testament to why most other fans show nothing but jealousy towards them.

Nowadays, the Cowboys are just as relevant as they were in the past with stars Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott leading the charge. Their strength throughout the years has been represented not only in their record, but also the passion within their fanbase. Moreover, their fans play a key role in keeping the team spirit high and maintaining the dominance that was established a long time ago.

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Cowboys viewing party in Southern California. Photo courtesy of Dallas Cowboys Fan Club

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Cowboys fans are very quick to claim themselves as the most devoted fans across the league. Although constantly under fire by memes and insults created by the jealous fans of other franchises, those who support the Cowboys hold their head high. There is no better way to express the intense passion and widespread demographic of Cowboys fans than their moniker, America’s Team. The name says it all. Cowboys fans are nationwide and the excitement is not limited to AT&T Stadium. The overwhelming number of fans around the country results in many strong fan clubs for America’s Team.

The popularity of the Cowboys’ social media accounts are a strong testament to the support they receive from fans. With 2.6 million followers on Instagram, 3.75 million followers on Twitter, and over 8.6 million likes on Facebook, it is apparent that America’s team has one of the largest social media followings.

Game watch parties, tailgates, and many other forms of meeting up are the ways that Cowboys fans hang out. Larger fan clubs such as Dallas Cowboys Fan Club have different chapters to include the most amount of fans as possible. Additionally, websites such as Official America’s Team provide a database for individual fans to find and get in contact with clubs to participate in viewing parties.

Publicity for Cowboys fan clubs is not problem. #CowboysNation has over two million posts on Instagram. On top of that, the ESPN series “We The Fans” explores the traditions of the fanbase to America’s Team. Clubs are found all over the world. Although the team is in Texas, many big Cowboys fan clubs exist in North Carolina, California, and even the United Kingdom. FanWide is the ultimate way to locate, link up, and show up to these club meetings as there are 143 clubs currently listed on the site, yet this number will continue to grow.

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The Dallas Cowboys are steeped with historical players and achievements, and with that comes a strong fanbase. Cowboys friends are all around the world and are some of the most devoted fans throughout the league. Thus, the probability is high for one of these clubs to be deemed the top NFL fan club.