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New England Patriots (Pats) NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for NE

The Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era has proven quite fruitful for New England Patriots fans. Since 2001, the team has missed the playoffs just twice, winning five Super Bowls in eight trips. With these levels of success, the team is often considered one of the greatest NFL dynasties of all time, with Brady and Belichick widely regarded as some of the best ever in their respective roles. While the success of the Patriots may draw to mind names such as Brady, Belichick, Gronkowski, Moss, Welker, Bruschi, and others, the driving force behind the popularity of the team has been a devoted fanbase, with some of the top fan clubs in the country.

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Patriots fans are among the best in the NFL. They are a passionate and intense group, unwavering in their commitment to the team. Snowy, below freezing days have never stopped Gillette stadium from selling out. The dedication of Patriots fans never seems to waver. Because of the team’s success, it has attracted fans nationwide and even worldwide. As a result, clusters of Patriots fans exist across the globe, and so do Patriots fan clubs.

Patriots fan clubs host a variety of events, such as viewing parties, tailgates, regular meetings, and other events. Some larger clubs host events based around bringing in former players. These clubs cover a wide geographic range, but they all share one common goal: bringing fans closer to their team and to other fans.

The team itself runs an official fan club registry, a useful source of information about numerous Patriots fan clubs. This site gives fan clubs and bars that host events an opportunity to publish information and advertise to potential members. It also gives fans and fan clubs an opportunity to publish photos from events and watch parties. Every month, it chooses its “fan club of the month” and details the experience of this particular club.  This registry contains a map of all registered fan clubs and locations, making it easy for fans to find a group near them. Patriots fan clubs from around the world are listed. The majority of Patriots fan clubs are centered in New England and around the United States, but exist as far as Cape Town (South Africa), Jerusalem (Israel), and Shanghai (China). FanWide’s own Patriots page contains information about specific watch parties and other fan events, with 250 Patriots fan clubs listed.

The Patriots have a significant social media presence, with strong followings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The team has over 6.5 million likes on Facebook, the second most in the NFL. It leads the league in Twitter and Instagram followers, with over 2.5 million and over 2 million, respectively. This significant social media presence helps Patriots fans worldwide stay connected with the team, and is a key reason for its widespread popularity.

Patriots fans across the world share a sense of passion and commitment to their team. The wide network of Patriots fan clubs they have formed shows this. FanWide, the world’s largest fan club network, is running a competition to identify the top pro football fan club in the country.  Do you think your New England Patriots fan club can be named the nation’s Top Football Fan Club?   Visit to learn more and enter.  The grand prize includes an athlete appearance at one of your fan club’s upcoming events!  #TopFootballFanClub