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Top NFL Fan Clubs: Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently 9-2, driven by an offense rated in the top 3 league-wide in almost every measurable statistic. At this point, it’s not a matter of if they will make the playoffs but how far they will go. The Chiefs have a history of making early playoff exits, and this year, they will be looking to turn a new leaf. With young phenom Patrick Mahomes under center, many followers of the league believe that this could be the year that the Chiefs show the rest of the league that they are more than a regular season team.

The Chiefs have very active fans throughout the country. Unsurprisingly, they are undefeated at home, and their fans’ contributions show up on paper. Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs’ home, is the world’s loudest stadium, a fact that can only be attributed to this particularly devoted fan base. As these first 16 games come to an end, the elite teams of the NFL begin the real season. With a fan base as loud and loyal as theirs, the Chiefs will look to carry their home-field advantage through the post-season and end the year with some hardware.

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The Chiefs’ website has one of the more involved fan sections among NFL teams. The Chiefs’ fan loyalty system rewards fans for watching games and reading articles. This rewards out-of-market fans as well, keeping those who can’t attend games connected to the organization. Additionally, the Chiefs have a “kids club,” essentially a fan club for kids. This group gives kids access to monthly contests and exclusive events. These two programs, along with multiple other benefits and opportunities keep the organization and the fans connected, a key to the Chiefs recent success. They broadcast this success on their social media pages. Their Instagram page has 700k followers, twitter page has 1.2 million followers, and they have 1.5 million likes on facebook, altogether a broad-reaching social portfolio.

Beyond the organization’s attempts to develop a fan community, fans themselves have taken initiative to create clubs across the country to support their team. One of the leaders of the Chiefs fan community is Arrowhead Addict, a website that gives Chiefs news and allows fan clubs and Chiefs bars to make themselves known to the rest of the community. These clubs are as close as Kansas City and as far as central Pennsylvania and Los Angeles. A midwestern team, Chiefs fans have migrated across the country to the big cities, the coasts, and everything in between, bringing their red and gold pride with them.

FanWide’s fan club network has accounted for 54 Chiefs fan clubs and 66,185 Chiefs fans across the nation. The site helps fans navigate the vast fan scene and directs them to any number of watch parties in their area. This is a must watch team this year, and the service gives fans the opportunity to watch the game no matter where they are.

Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill lead one of the most exciting NFL offenses in recent history. The team is looking for more than just stats. The Chiefs want a trophy, and their fans are ready to help them reach that goal. At this rate, the Chiefs will have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, and if the fans keep showing up at this rate, they’ll surely have a leg up on the competition. Every Chiefs game in 2018 is must-see TV and fans everywhere will need to join together. Will the Chiefs on-field success translate to the success of their fan clubs off of it?

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