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Buffalo Bills NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for BUF

Although they have been one of the less successful teams in recent years in the NFL in recent years, the Buffalo Bills have always had their presence felt throughout the league. Despite rough patches and their former cornerback, Vontae Davis, who retired during halftime, the Bills have shown relentless amounts of passion the way they play the game. Additionally, they better represent the state of New York as they are actually located in New York, unlike some other teams. With the spirit of New York behind them, it is clear as to why the Buffalo Bills never fail to excite and play their hearts out. It is a gift back to their ever so supportive fans.

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The Buffalo Bills are most notably known as being the only team in NFL history to appear in four straight Super Bowls. This took place in the years 1991 to 1994. During this period, many football fans across New York began to support the Bills. Since then, many fans have moved across the country, but still hold the same level of love for the Bills. Hence, the Bills have one of the most geographically diverse fanbases. Using FanWide you can find almost 50,000 Bill fan across 350 fan clubs throughout the country. The spread of such fans is a clear explanation as to why the Bills are always being discussed, regardless of the setting. The main fan club for the Bills is the Bills Backers. These clubs are supported by the organization itself and has chapters all over the nation.

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In addition to game watch parties, tailgates, and attending games, fans of the Bills are also connected and interact with each other through social media. The Bills have almost 500,000 followers on their Instagram, 1 million followers on their Twitter, and 900,000 likes on their Facebook. With their strong social media metrics, widespread fanbase, and fully dedicated fans, it is without a doubt that many Buffalo Bills fan clubs have what it takes to be the Top Football Fan Club.