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New Orleans Saints NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for NO

There are few teams in football that command as much respect as the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees is making a case to be acknowledged as the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) as he continues to lead the Saints in a record-setting career year. Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram, and Michael Thomas are Brees’ weapons of choice, together helping the Saints achieve one of the best records in the league.

The Saints’ recent tradition of success is no coincidence. The story goes like this. The Saints are more than an elite NFL team. They are a symbol of New Orleans, a city with one of the most unique cultures in the world. Following Hurricane Katrina, 80% of New Orleans was underwater. The Saints, displaced themselves, were looked at as a beacon of hope for the devastated city. Along came a young quarterback named Drew Brees, and the Saints hoisted the Lombardi Trophy four years later.

The city of New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints were made stronger by the storm. Still, 400,000 New Orleans residents were displaced. The result? The Saints are now host to a widespread fan base that is arguably more connected to their team than any other in the league. It’s no surprise that the Saints are widely regarded as Super Bowl contenders this 2018 season.

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Saints Insider is the Saints’ in-house fan network. Fans can sign up on the Saints’ website and enjoy contests, forums, and special content. This service creates a more intimate community of Saints fans across the country. This is only the beginning of Saints fan content. Also on their website, the Saints have a section called, #BlackandGoldFriday, where they celebrate the Black and Gold tradition, featuring fans’ social media content. The Saints themselves have an impressive social media presence. They have 4 million likes on Facebook, 1.3 million Twitter followers, and 1 million followers on Instagram. They use these outlets to stay connected to their fans, especially those that are out-of-market. The Saints know that their fans are spread out, and they make sure to connect to the entire community.

Aside from Saints sponsored efforts, fans have established their own clubs across the country to support the team. The Big Easy Mafia is the self-proclaimed “official fan club of the Saints,” and prides themselves on the loyalty of their members. Other Saints clubs are more low-key, joining for watch parties in cities and towns across America. Saints fan clubs are outlets for fans to enjoy their team, no matter their distance from the Superdome.

FanWide’s fan club network has accounted for 26 Saints fan clubs and can direct fans to watch parties in their area every week. New Saints fan clubs are being added to the network often, allowing FanWide to connect fans to more and more Saints events.

There is no doubt about it. The Saints are looking for a championship this season, and anything less would be a failure. The 12th man, the city of New Orleans, will never stop supporting their team. With such a devoted fan base behind them, nobody wants to play the Saints this year. Is the Saints’ success a sign that a Saints fan club will emerge at the top?

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