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New to a City? Find Fans of the Same Team

You just moved to Seattle from San Francisco for work. On your to-do list is finding a new doctor, new restaurants to order take-out from, new grocery stores, a new cable provider, and trying to understand how the public transportation works. And the worst part: you left your beloved 49ers behind. In San Francisco, you could always count on catching the game with your friends or instantly making new ones since everybody in town was a 49ers fan.

Lucky for you, FanWide is here to help. FanWide is a social networking sports app that allows you to always find other fans of the same team even if you’re not in your team’s home city. Don’t be a stranger in your new home, FanWide strives to help work transplants assimilate to their new city.

Whether you are from San Francisco, New York City, Miami, or any other corner of the US, sports are one of the best ways to connect with people. Sports transcend geographical boundaries and cultures to help you make an immediate connection with other fans.

FanWide has the largest database of sports fan clubs and we can help you locate fans of any team within your local community. Here are some examples:

Moving to a new city can be tough, especially when it comes to meeting new people and finding a community where you fit in. Just because you’re a misplaced 49ers fan in Seahawks country doesn’t mean you have to stay at home to cheer on your team. Keep supporting your favorite teams no matter where you live and find others with that same passion through FanWide!