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Thanksgiving Break: How to Hide From Your Family

Thanksgiving Break is upon us once again which means college students will soon be flocking home to eat all the food in their parent’s houses and sleep in until the early afternoon. Your freedom diminishes before their eyes as you are stuck doing chores and being criticized by family members you only see twice a year.

The house is full of cousins, grandparents, and nosy aunts that are all trying to get in your business. All you want is to watch the football game in peace. With FanWide, you can get away from your family and watch the game with other fans.

If you are an NFL fan, you can find the Thanksgiving NFL games at a local bar near you:

It is also going to be a week filled with great college football rivalries such as the Apple Cup between the University of Washington (18) and Washington State University (14) in Seattle. Other big games you can catch next week include:

FanWide can be used to find watch parties for any game this holiday weekend. It can also be used for any sport. If you desperately need a break from your family this Thanksgiving, use FanWide and relax while watching your favorite team far away from the drama.