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Baltimore Ravens NFL Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for BAL

As the second newest NFL organization, behind the Texans, the Baltimore Ravens have consistently been one of the top teams across the league. Since their opening season in 1996, the Ravens have already won two Super Bowl titles in 2001 and 2013. Additionally, they do not fail to produce Hall of Fame players and stun the league with their ever-so threatening defense. This year, the Ravens are stacked with talent in the quarterback position with Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco, newly drafted Lamar Jackson, and Robert Griffin III. It is very clear as to why the Ravens have a good chance at making a strong push to make the playoffs this year.

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The number of fans that support the organization is shocking. Ranked the 9th best fan base by Forbes, it is without a doubt that the Ravens have a strong chance of winning FanWide’s Top Football Fan Club competition. Furthermore, the Baltimore Ravens organization sponsors fan clubs who register as part of the Ravens Flock. This chain of fan clubs has many contests and other events in order to increase fan support. If one is interested in joining a club in the Ravens Flock, the Baltimore Ravens website helps you locate and join the nearest club to you. There are Ravens fans not only across the country, but in many different parts of the world such as Guam, Paraguay, Israel, Germany, and the United Kingdom. On FanWide, there are over 170,000 fans and over 100 fan clubs ready for you to connect with.

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