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Los Angeles Galaxy MLS Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for LAG

Coming off a season that ended at the Western Conference Semifinals, the Los Angeles Galaxy was gearing up to make another legitimate run at the MLS Cup trophy. Unfortunately the season needed to be postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. In the 2020 MLS season, the Galaxy only played two games in which they lost one and tied one. It seems like every year the LA Galaxy make a solid push towards the playoffs due to the dominating and winning culture that was instilled once David Beckham came to Los Angeles. David Beckham, a former British professional soccer player and former player on the LA Galaxy, made himself the face of the MLS and exceeded the level of play for the LA Galaxy. During Beckhams’ six year tenure, the Galaxy won two MLS cup championships. The Galaxy have won five MLS cubs in a span of twenty five years, making them the team with the most championships in the league.  In addition to this franchise being one of the most prominent in the MLS, they also have unique fans that live and die for the LA Galaxy. 

LA Galaxy fans color the stadium in blue and gold as they cheer for their Galaxy

Although many Galaxy fans feel a strong sense of loss as they are not cheering for their LA Galaxy in early-spring, the fans have a lot to look forward to. The Galaxy are here to stay and it seems like they will continue to be perennially dominating in the Western Conference. This dominance was re-instilled this year when they signed Mexican All-Star, Javier Hernandez. Hernandez is the all-time scorer for the Mexican national team. This will greatly benefit the Galaxy this upcoming season.

The Los Angeles Galaxy have 54,479 fans and 10 fan clubs on FanWide, the largest fan club network worldwide.  In addition the LA Galaxy has 526K followers on twitter, 1.2 M followers on instagram, and around 2.8M likes on facebook.