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Colorado Rockies MLB Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for COL

Being a member of the National League West division in the MLB, the Colorado Rockies have developed a large fanbase that contributes to their overall success. This is in part due to the various ways that the team strives to keep their fans updated on all team matters. For example, the team utilizes social media sites such as Instagram (414K followers), Twitter (582K followers), and Facebook (871K followers). On these accounts, the team posts roster updates, game highlights, post game interviews, and many other beneficial things so that Rockies fans can continue to stay updated on what is going on with their favorite team.

The team also utilizes their team website to perform similar tasks to those of the social media accounts. The website contains score updates, front office updates, probable pitchers for every game, and many other team updates in addition to the common posts on their social media accounts. Furthermore, the website also contains much more coverage on their minor league team, the Albuquerque Isotopes. Therefore, fans are able to continually stay updated on all roster changes at all times. This availability for all of this information makes Rockies fans very content with their team.

Also available on the website is a look into the team’s activity in the Denver area. Under the Colorado Rockies Foundation, the team strives to ensure that the disadvantages and at-risk youth in their area have the opportunity to learn the sports of baseball and softball. The High & Inside Community Newsletter, which is also found on the Rockies website, contains information about the organization’s community work and other club initiatives. Both of these examples are prime illustrations of the way in which the team has built such a large fanbase for themselves. Fans of the Rockies truly enjoy the way in which the team positively makes an impact on their community.

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