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Transfer Deadline Day

Tomorrow is Transfer Deadline Day for international soccer, meaning there is a lot of exciting news to look forward to in the next 48 hours.

For those unfamiliar with Transfer Deadline Day, it is the final day at the end of a 12-week period in which soccer clubs can make international transfers. In order for the transfer to go through, the deal has to be signed and filed before the deadline closes.

Oh, and clubs tend to throw around insane amounts of money that Uncle Scrooge McDuck would salivate over. The transfer record was recently broken by PSG in their acquisition of Neymar a few weeks ago at a whopping $250 million USD.

There are many deals that are still in the works approaching the final hours of Deadline Day. Lots of clubs will wait an unbearable amount of time to close their deals. Chelsea currently has three deals in the works to purchase players after their release of Diego Costa to Atlético Madrid (Reminder: the deadline is TOMORROW).

One of the biggest questions fans have is what Barcelona is going to do tomorrow. Barcelona reportedly has eyes for Phillipe Coutinho, offering over $175 million USD, but that deal may not go through as Liverpool seems to be holding onto Coutinho for now (unfortunately for Coutinho who wants to make the move). Given that Barca just made $250 million USD on the Neymar deal, fans are expecting something big from the La Liga superpower.

Chelsea seems to be having a rough time this Deadline Day. Most recently, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain accepted an offer from Liverpool for 5-years and around $150,000 USD a week, which is $80,000 USD a week less than he would make had he accepted the offer Chelsea sent him. Chelsea is also now competing against Tottenham for Fernando Llorente, a player they have had their eyes on for awhile.

A lot of the deals being discussed in the media are just rumors. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens.  There should be plenty more surprises, both heartbreaking and heartwarming, as the transfer window closes on one of the biggest events in the international soccer realm tomorrow night.