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Top Football Fan Clubs: The Black Hole

Established in 1995, The die-hard Oakland Raiders fans created the Black Hole. Ever since the inception of the Raiders, there has been nothing truly like a Raiders fan. The Raiders wear the silver and black, instilling fear in their opponents. Raiders fans are so gruesome to an extent that there was a poem written in the 1970s expressing their unique personalities. This poem, which became a hit on HBO’s Hard Knocks this summer states: 

“The Autumn Wind is a Raider,
Pillaging just for fun.
He’ll knock you ’round and upside down,
And laugh when he’s conquered and won.” 

Raiders fans, especially fans apart of the Black Hole abide by this poem each and every day. Symon Perriman, the CEO of FanWide, the largest fan club network worldwide, stated when he was asked about the Black Hole said, “The Black Hole is one of the most popular and enthusiastic fan clubs in the world”. The Raiders have been playing well this season, especially their rookie-star running back Josh Jacobs. Josh Jacobs broke the record for the most rushing yards in Raiders history through the first 4 games (295 yards). Do not be surprised if the Oakland Raiders make a playoff push with the agression and passion every member of the Black Hole and Raider Nation have. 

The Raiders main fan base is The Black Hole. The Black Hole was fully established in 1995. This past week, I interviewed one of The Black Hole founders, Rob Rivera. Below, are the questions I asked Mr. Rob Rivera on the importance and meaning behind the Black Hole:

What were the issues that arose as you guys were in your early years?

In Section 101 (where the members of The Black Hole sat), many fans, including Raiders fans did not receive us very well because we stood up all four quarters. The first few games were kinda rough, but we went through it, we went through the bags of popcorn being thrown at us and the water bottles, and all that stuff. We just fought through it, and continued to stand. This became a mosh pit-type atmosphere. It started to become 2 people to each seat in section 101. The Black Hole started to become a very intimidating place for opponents. At the same time we always wanted to do it with a positive thematic-attitude. 

How do you guys plan to operate next year, when the Raiders move to Las Vegas?

Next year, we are going to continue on. We are broken-hearted and upset that the NFL would have such low loyalty to the greatest fan base sports as ever seen. No matter where the Raiders are, we support them. The Black Hole is bigger than our feelings now.

Where do you guys have Black Hole Chapters?

Fortunately, we have chapters of the Black Hole all over the world including Australia, Germany, New York, New Mexico, New England, and all over the place. FanWide is helping us set up dozens of new chapters.

Do all of you guys dress up and color up in the game?

There is a huge false conception when it comes to the Black Hole. We love our superfans: Gorilla, Señor Raideran, and Violator. We love our superfans, but the majority of the Black Hole do not dress up, and we just put on our gear and have fun at the games.

Are there any big events you would like Raiders fans to know about?

On Sunday, October 27th, there is a big Raiders chapter kickoff party in Houston, Texas. This will be an amazing night celebrating the Silver and Black. Here is the link:

How can you make in impact within The Black Hole Community?

If anyone is interested in joining the Black Hole, they can visit our website. If anybody is interested in creating a chapter, please check out our website or email 


If you are looking for a team and want a sense of passion, the Black Hole is the fan club you need! Just look below, at the photo that was taken this year at the Black Hole NFL season kickoff party.

Raiders fanatics unite at the Black Hole NFL Kickoff Party