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Philadephia 76ers (Sixers) NBA Watch Parties & Fan Club Events for PHI

All across the NBA, 76ers fans are known for their passion and devotion to their team. This ravenous energy extends far beyond the City of Brotherly Love. 76ers fans and fan clubs are spread all across the nation and they always bring energy and intensity in support of their team. To connect with their fan network, the 76ers offer numerous opportunities and resources for fans young and old alike, all of which can be found on the team’s official website. Club 76 offers several benefits for fans, including premier season ticket access, free giveaways, and access to exclusive events. The Kids Club helps younger fans connect with their team by providing numerous perks, including exclusive 76ers gear. The team also hosts several camps, which give kids the opportunity to improve their skills and interact with players. Few NBA organizations can match the level of fan engagement put forth by the 76ers organization.

Philly fans are known nationwide for their intense passion. Photo courtesy of Matthew Johnson,

In addition to organized fan clubs, there are several unofficial 76ers fan communities. These can take the form of in-person watch parties or online fan communities. Two prominent online Sixers fan communities are The Sixer Sense, the team Fansided blog, and Liberty Ballers, the Sixers’ SBNation blog. Each of these online communities can provide 76ers fans with news, analysis, and the opportunity to interact with other Sixers fans, regardless of physical location. Of course, there are also several physical fan clubs and 76ers watch parties. To find a 76ers watch party near you, there is no better place to look than FanWide, the world’s top fan club network. Please contact FanWide if you are interested in creating your own 76ers fan club, or registering your Sixers fan club with our database. 

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