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Top NBA Teams: #7 Miami Heat

Miami is by far one of the most active and passionate cities across the United States. On top of that, every season their home team, the Miami Heat, never fail to excite the fans and make strong pushes in the regular season. They struck gold in 2003 by drafting Dwyane Wade from Marquette with the 5th pick in the draft. Wade led the Heat, along with Shaquille O’Neal and others, to a title in the 2006 season. A few years later, LeBron James and Chris Bosh decided to join the Heat and led the team to four straight finals appearances, winning it in 2012 and 2013.

In more recent years, the Miami Heat have had a strong roster with Justise Winslow and Goran Dragic. Lastly, Dwyane Wade’s farewell season is this year this has for sure brought a lot of attention to Miami as a legend is retiring soon. He even got invited to play in this year’s All-Star game. Without further or due, let’s look into how the Heat placed 7th in FanWide’s Top Ten NBA Team rankings.

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Here’s the list of teams which have been announced so far:

10) Oklahoma City Thunder

9) Toronto Raptors

8) Los Angeles Lakers

7) Miami Heat


The NBA is unique in many aspects of fan support. It is very difficult to rank a team based solely off of their on or off court success. Therefore, FanWide chose to use data from both categories to create a ranking that is one of a kind. All the metrics used in this ranking were weighted equally in order to ensure there was a balance between the different factors. Additionally, all of the metrics were applicable to all 30 of the NBA teams. As a result, our top ten ranking is the most balanced and unique ranking for NBA teams. More information about our methodology can be found here. FanWide will be releasing the top ten NBA fan clubs in the next few weeks.

Miami Heat Rankings

Category Count NBA Rank
Fan Clubs on FanWide 65 4
NBA Championships since 1977 3 5
All-Stars (last 5 years) 4 10
National Games Televised Last Year (ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV) 11 19
Wins (last 5 years) 224 11
Attendance (Average) 19,631 6
Value (in billions) 1.7 10
Total Followers (in millions) 22.4 4

Fan Clubs on FanWide: 65 (4th)

The 305 is filled with regular fans, celebrities, and many tourists. Miami is one of the most active cities with a very young crowd that is always looking to meet at restaurants and bars to watch sports games. Hence, the Miami Heat are 4th in the NBA for fan clubs on FanWide with a total of 65. As the city of Miami continues to grow, this number will definitely increase rapidly.

NBA Championships Since 1977: 3 (5th)

All three of the championships that the Heat have won have been in the past 15 years. Dwyane Wade played a key role in all three of these championships while having other superstar teammates. Additionally, Pat Riley, the past coach and current president of the Heat, was involved in the championships. As the Heat grow stronger every year, expect them to make many more finals appearances.

All-Stars (last 5 years): 4 (10th)

The Miami Heat never fail to stack out their roster with all stars. Big name players such as LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Goran Dragic, and of course, Dwyane Wade have all made appearances as an all-star while part of the Heat. In the past 5 years however, the Heat have only managed to have 4 total all-stars. This is due to the fact that the Big Three era in Miami ended 6 years ago.

National Games Televised Last Year (ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV): 11 (19th)

As Dwyane Wade nears the end of his career, the Heat are currently rebuilding for future success. In the past few seasons, the team has done well but not well enough to secure a lot of nationally televised games. As their young roster grows older, they will most definitely appear on national television very frequently, it is just a matter of when.

Wins (last 5 years): 224 (11th)

After the Big Three era in Miami, the regular season records for the Heat have been good in relation to the rest of the league. They totaled 224 wins and rank 11th across the league with this statistic. Every year though, they always make an appearance in the playoffs and pose a strong threat to other teams looking to knock them out.

Attendance (average): 19,631 (6th)

Miami is easily one of the most lively cities across all of the United States. Their spirit for not only having fun, but for their hometown sports, is clearly on a different level in relation to most teams. Hence, it is not surprise that they rank 6th across all NBA teams with average attendance at home games. You will never find an empty American Airlines Arena as there are always Heat fans ready to support their team.

Value (in billions): 1.7 (10th)

With such a big and popular city comes a big market. The Miami market is huge as there are not only Miami natives, but also tourists and visitors who check out the city. Additionally, many superstar caliber players have gone through the Miami organization and have opened up many new doors for revenue. Forbes ranks the Heat as the 10th most valuable organization in the NBA with a strong $1.7 billion.

Total Followers (in millions): 22.4 (4th)

Historic is one of the best ways to describe the Heat. Year after year they always manage to create some of the best highlight plays and some of the strongest rosters. With three championships under their belt, and many top tier NBA players who have gone through the organization, it is absolutely no surprise that the Heat rank all the way at 4th in the league in total social media followers (Instagram– 3.2 million, Twitter– 4.6 million, Facebook– 15 million). Not only have they attracted younger fans with their recent success, but they also have an older fanbase from the times with Alonzo Mourning and the early stages of Dwyane Wade.This is clearly represented in the higher ratio of Facebook followers than most other teams.

Already with three NBA titles in the past 15 years and a strong rebuilt team, the Miami Heat are clearly on the run to making it back on the main stage. Their strong history has given a strong boost to their current success, ultimately placing them at #7 in FanWide’s Top Ten NBA Teams ranking. Get ready to see the power of the Heat return.

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