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Top NBA Teams: #10 Oklahoma City Thunder

The time has come! The #10 of FanWide’s very own Top Ten NBA Teams has been announced. Since its creation, FanWide has gathered data regarding fan clubs and fan engagement, which is used in ranking the Top Ten NBA Teams is unique to FanWide and has produced a ranking like no other. The metrics used to list the teams from first to last were based on both their on and off court success. This balance ultimately creates a broader and more balanced field to judge teams in the fairest way possible. Without further ado, coming at #10 on FanWide’s Top Ten NBA Teams is the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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FanWide’s #10 Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

In 2008, the Seattle Supersonics made one of the most drastic moves in NBA history to relocate to Oklahoma City. Moreover, they rebranded themselves as the Thunder. This relocation and rebranded shocked fans even more as the previously known Supersonics had drafted Kevin Durant the year before and Russell Westbrook the summer of 2008. Nevertheless, in their 11 years as the Thunder, nothing but success has blessed the franchise.

The strong core of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and James Harden along with key role players such as Nick Collison and Serge Ibaka carried the Thunder to a Western Conference title and a very competitive finals against LeBron and the Miami Heat in 2012. Additionally, the Thunder have always been one of the top teams not only in the Western Conference, but throughout the whole NBA. Despite the loss of James Harden in 2012 and Kevin Durant in 2016, the Thunder have always to managed to keep a strong team. They were able to trade for all stars Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in 2017 and many others. Lastly, their strength on the court is matched by an intense nationwide fanbase that gives them nothing but support in FanWide’s rankings. Read below to learn more about how the Thunder were able to make the Top Ten NBA Teams.

Here’s the list of teams which have been announced so far:

10) Oklahoma City Thunder


The NBA is unique in many aspects of fan support. It is very difficult to rank a team based solely off of their on or off court success. Therefore, FanWide chose to use data from both categories to create a ranking that is one of a kind. All the metrics used in this ranking were weighted equally in order to ensure there was a balance between the different factors. Additionally, all of the metrics were applicable to all 30 of the NBA teams. As a result, our top ten ranking is the most balanced and unique ranking for NBA teams. More information about our methodology can be found here. FanWide will be releasing the top ten NBA fan clubs in the next few weeks.

OKC Thunder Rankings

Category Count NBA Rank
Fan Clubs on Fanwide 0 28 (tie)
NBA Championships since 1977 1 (as Seattle Supersonics) 9
All-Stars (last 5 years) 9 2
National Games Televised Last Year (ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV) 36 6
Wins (last 5 years) 254 6
Attendance (Average) 18,203 13
Value (in billions) 1.25 18
Total Followers (in millions) 13.47 8

Fan Clubs on FanWide: 0 (tied for 28th)

There are currently 0 fan clubs listed on FanWide for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Although it is somewhat odd as to why such a strong team has no fan clubs, it is explainable. Originally, the team was located in Seattle which is a strong market and populated city, yet they moved to Oklahoma City which is the opposite. Thunder fans are dispersed all across the country and have no strong core to gather and have watch parties. Nevertheless, if you are a Thunder fan looking to register a fan club in your city let us know and you could be first!

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